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When it comes to our diet, who DOESN’T need a little help getting through the holidays and avoiding unlimited temptations. We all do. So StacyKnows is having a contest, and one lucky winner will receive a month’s supply of HungerShield, the new natural appetite control drink mix that really works.




Developed by four nutritionists, HungerShield is a healthy, filling alternative to snacking. It has fiber, protein, probiotics and is easy to fit into any lifestyle to offer appetite control help when you need it. A great time to have HungerShield is before heading out to a holiday party where you know you will be tempted with high calorie foods. (See for more information.)

If you want to enter the contest (why not…it’s free!) for a chance to win HungerShield, e-mail me your most fabulous, craziest, unusual, zaniest diet tip – one you really believe in, one that really works for you. The winner who submits the best, most creative diet tip (judged by me!) will receive one box of HungerShield (that’s a month’s supply!).




Contest deadline is November 27th. Submit your wildest diet tip by e-mail to (include your phone number). Put in the subject: StacyKnows HungerShield contest. The lucky winner will be sipping on HungerShield during the month of December, just when it can help most to resist too many holiday treats! It probably will even help you slip into something tight and sexy by New Years Eve!!


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