Five DIY Personalized Gifts for Your Loved Ones


Gifts are a perfect way to show our affection, love, appreciation or gratitude to someone. Some people prefer expensive gifts. However, more people like to receive something unique, something that will make them feel special. It doesn’t have to be something over the top, just something that will make their heart warmer.

If you want to express the love you have for someone and you lack creativity and time, we will offer you tips that will make your loved ones truly happy. We know how frustrating can be when you don’t have a cool gift.

A photo album

It might be an old-fashioned way to surprise someone, but it works every time. Yes, it is quite weird to give someone a photo album in the age of social media; however, the photos you select and put inside that personalized photo album are everything. Life should be made of beautiful memories and passionate emotions, and all of these photos could remind your loved one of the great moments you two spent together. If you are feeling a little fancy, a perfect alternative to a photo album is a photo book. You can personalize the design and even include as many photos as you like from different sources. PrintedMemories is one great online photo book creator that you should try out!

Pillows are useful and cute, so if you choose to buy someone a personalized pillow, you won’t make a mistake. You can put a personalized sticker on linen, or you can print something hilarious that only two of you know. Don’t be afraid to experiment because there are thousands of possibilities. There is no need to stick to regular heart-pillows when you can make something authentic.

A magic diary

WOW! Imagine having a notebook or a diary where you can write down your wishes and every single one of them come true. People are tired of focusing on their everyday responsibilities so help them to add some magic to their routine.

A magic diary is a specially designed notebook, and on the covers of that notebook, you can put some personalized stickers, or whatever you please. The point is to encourage your loved ones to write down their goals and work towards accomplishing them. As we get older, we forget the importance of dreams and accept everything that comes our way that is why we need a little reminder, just like a magic diary, that life without imagination is boring.

A DIY meal – because food is always a good idea

The gift list without food is simply incomplete. Is there anything more personal than a favorite meal? Hardly, because the food is love. So, if you want to make your loved one adore you, prepare them their favorite meal. Not only they will love you even more, but you too will enjoy benefits of eating something delicious.

If you are not someone who cooks well, this might not be a gift for you, but you can still adjust it to your skills. You can order food and prepare dinner or lunch in beautifully decorated place. Imagine, lovely atmosphere and food, can anyone ask for more than that.

Box full of candies

If you know that your loved one is a sugar addict, this might be a perfect gift. You can craft your own box and design it the way you please, or you can otherwise buy one and fill it with the candies your loved one adores.

If this is a gift for your romantic partner, you can add a scented love letter to express your deep feeling in an authentic way. No one can resist romantic gestures enriched with sugar. That is a rule!

Unfortunately, we came to the end of our list. We hope you found the inspiration here as these gifts are for those who enjoy uplifting others. Invest time in giving, and you will never feel empty again.

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