Fall Necklace Trends


There is no denying that fall has officially begun. The leaves are changing and the air is crisp, meaning it is about the same time that most of us are soaking up excursions like apple picking and wine tasting. Along with festive outdoor activities comes the ability to pile a few more cute layers on when it comes to our wardrobe and accessorizing. Adding a cute necklace or bracelet is a form of self-expression. A trendy necklace can also make the perfect gift. If you are in the market for the perfect customized necklace, look no further, as we have compiled some of the hottest trends for this autumn. Take a look below to get a few ideas on what might look good on you.

Thick Chokers

While you may think of this piece of fine jewelry as being a staple from the ’90s, they are back with a vengeance. Nowadays, you can get a good-quality choker that can easily become a staple piece in your jewelry box. Variations that are thick are all the rage this season and can be found on the runways. There are a few key styles to look out for, such as ribbon, layered, or leather. A ribbon choker is perhaps the most classic as it adds a bit of elegance to any outfit. The layered choker is also simple but can usually be paired with a few other necklaces. Lastly, leather always adds a bit of an edgy feel to an outfit, which helps invoke a rugged, American style.

Initial Necklace

Don’t be fooled into thinking letter necklaces have been overdone — even Meghan Markle is still sporting her dainty one. This necklace is really a one-of-a-kind accessory that every woman should invest in. Whether you decide to wear one for sentimental reasons or just as a simple way to elevate a look, you can’t go wrong with this sweet option. Initial necklaces are fast becoming the go-to option for Hollywood to step up their neckline.

If you are looking for an affordable luxury brand, Kendra Scott has some brilliant options that are created from natural materials. The quality is superb, and each item is always fashionable and on-trend.


This type of necklace is a great idea when it comes to gift-giving. Each stone can offer different charm dimensions while making it the perfect everyday pendant. Gemstones are extremely hot this season, with the rule being the bigger and bolder they are, the better! The perfect pairing for fall would have to be precious gemstones like sapphires, emeralds, and rubies since their colors are so rich and can easily transition to winter. A more modern take on a gemstone necklace would be opal or agate.

Long Necklaces

These types of necklaces are just perfect when wearing a cute sweater dress or a flowy blouse. Just like the other options listed above, longer strands can offer an effortless look. Now, you can buy ones with added embellishments like pearls. If you decide to embrace the longer look, you will also be able to mix and match multiple cascading necklaces together. A long necklace is always on-trend since it can move from daytime to evening seamlessly.

So remember, when picking out all your new fall outfits, don’t forget about the accessories. A well-placed necklace can complete any look and enhance even the simplest of ensembles. Whether you are a simple shopper or over-the-top fashionista, there is a necklace out there for every personality. These four necklaces are bound to help your collection get off the ground and have your girlfriends asking, “Where did you buy that?” You will be the hit of the town before you know it!


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