Effective Tips in 2020 to Beat the Summer Heat

Effective Tips in 2020 to Beat the Summer Heat


Apart from the heat, the summer season comes with other disadvantages. Long-lasting exposure to heat can be harmful to your health in many ways. Due to high temperatures, your body will exhibit symptoms such as dizziness, headache, and tiredness. To prevent these eventualities, you need to know how you can stay ahead of the game and beat this weather.

This article equips you with some of the best tips to help you enjoy the perks that come with the summer weather.

Keeping your Feet Cool

On a blistery hot day, sweaty and hot feet are not comfortable. Furthermore, sweaty feet are likely to lead to the development of infections such as athlete’s foot and blisters. However, having flip flops on is not the only way to keep your feet dry. It’s recommended that you keep your feet dry even after visiting the pool since moisture leads to increased sweating.

The best way to avoid sweating is by changing your socks as soon as the discomfort kicks in. Another alternative is to buy socks that keep moisture away, especially if you are the type of person whose feet sweat more often. In addition to that, having breathable leather shoes or sandals helps control how hot or sweaty your feet feel than the ones made of synthetic material. Do not forget that your feet are also exposed to sunburn. Always have your sunscreen with you.

Early or Late Workouts

Most people run to keep fit. However, this may be challenging to do in the summer because of the extreme temperatures. Many people have running schedules and run during the day. However, if you are a midday runner, you may be forced to reschedule your running hours to evening or morning to avoid the scorching sun and its effects. You can also split your workouts so that you work for short periods, such as ten minutes or multiple times a day. Slowing down your pace can also help you avoid overheating.

Always Stay Hydrated

It is essential to factor in hydration since it is the only way you replace the lost fluids and electrolytes. One way to handle dehydration is by drinking a lot of water, but why wait until it becomes severe? When you start feeling your blood volume and pressure drop, it is a clear sign of dehydration. This leaves you feeling dizzy, weak, and tired. In some cases, it causes you to faint. During exercises, ensure you take enough water or replenish the fluids lost with some hydrating foods. Experts from https://www.howtohome.com/insulated-tumblers/ recommend using insulated tumblers to carry liquid when you go for an intense workout. Besides holding water, you can put sports drinks and other drinks such as coffee or tea in these tumblers. The goal is to stay hydrated throughout the summer season, wherever you are and whatever you might be doing.

Monitor Your Body Cooling Points

Most of the time, the heat gets too intense, and your only way out is if you know your body’s cooling points. Your body is designed with senses that react to heat as soon as it notices the slightest change in temperature. When water is applied in parts like your elbows, wrists, and neck, your body temperature is likely to cool down quickly. Just take a piece of cloth, apply some ice to these pressure points, and get instant relief.

Eat More Fruits And Vegetables

Too much sweating causes the loss of potassium and water from the body. Easily digestible foods like vegetables and fruits are vital to your health during the hot summer months. It is for this reason that salads are taken a lot during the summer. Fruits and vegetables will provide you with energy and nutrients, prevent dehydration, and help protect you from the harsh weather. They are also crucial for your overall health.

Wear Comfortable Clothing

Dark-colored clothes absorb the sun’s heat, which can be especially intense in the summer. During this time, you should wear white or light garments that reflect heat and light and help you stay cool. Knowing whether a cloth will be useful for you during the summer ensures that you can see through it when you hold it up to view. Invest in breathable fabrics that wick away heat from the body and prevent bad body odor.

Find a Cool Place

Keeping your place cool is another way of beating the summer heat. You can attain cooler temperatures through running air conditioners or fans. If you are an outgoing person, you might be interested in visiting air-conditioned places like a local cooling center. You can also try swimming or going to the beach to help cool your body.

Keeping cool during the summer is essential for your comfort and good mood. By simply following these tips you will achieve this goal quickly and make the most out of your summer!


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