“Dining in the Dark” at Via Vanti

Over 30 supporters attended the Dining in the Dark ” event benefiting Guiding Eyes of Yorktown Heights on Sunday, January 26 at Via Vanti of Mount Kisco.  Raising awareness, Via Vanti has been a Guiding Eyes supporter for many years.  The organization trains seeing eye dogs and boasts over a 1,000 dogs working worldwide.  Owner Carla characterized the event, where diners ate blindfolded, as a    “Sensory experience in dining–a 5 course menu of mindful eating.”.  


delizioso 5-course tasting menu was served plus gelati,

Amuse Bouche

Polenta Stuffed Mushroom with white truffle oil drizzle

– Endive with fresh chopped tomatoes, sweet red onions, and black olives

Via Vanti! Pizzette

Caramelized pears  goat cheese, sliced almonds, rosemary, mint, honey and while balsamic drizzle


– Wild mushroom ravioli with a goat cheese, fresh tomato and vodka sauce


Free-range Chicken breast rolled and stuffed with figs, pistachios and feta,with soft polenta and a red grape sauce

Gelati Sampler

– Mascarpone (Italian cheesecake) with berries of the forrest
– Amaretto chip
– Dark chocolate orange


The meal was a melange of flavors detailed on a Braille menu.Guests with the “savviest” taste buds received bottles of wine and a “Year of Gelato” as prizes.  Guiding Eyes for the Blind was established in 1954 and place over 150 dogs a year. Via Vanti  hosts many themed dinners and this was the first annual  Dine in the Dark event!




Becky Barnes, Guiding Eyes Graduate and Staff
Becky Barnes, Guiding Eyes Graduate and Staff
Pekoe, A service dog in training for a child with autism, sitting patiently next to a Guiding Eyes “donation dog” collection box
Carla Gambescia
Carla Gambescia owner of Via V anti in Mt Kisco NY explaining where and how we experience taste in our tongues for dining or without sight
Blindfolded experiencing the Braille menu
Dara Tyson and Randee Bank dining in the dark
More Dining in the dark
What the tongue Perceives
A birthday party within the event
A Complex and delicious Chicken dish Served at Via Vanti


Via Vanti! at the Mount Kisco Train Station
2 Kirby Plaza
Mount Kisco, NY 10549
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