De-stressing: Is It Difficult? It Doesn’t Have To Be!

De-stressing after a bad day or week can feel like an impossible mountain to climb. There’s a lot of obstacles in front of you, you’re completely out of energy, and you just feel so angry and frustrated at the world. When you’re in this state, you want to do nothing except scream and shout and never leave the house again!

But seeing as that can be counterproductive to your wellbeing and overall lifestyle, we need to find other ways to channel these feelings. If you’re struggling to do that, we might just be able to help. De-stressing doesn’t have to be difficult – it’s a form of self-care just like any other – and you just need to know who you are and what you’re into. Here are some ideas that can point you in the right direction.



Turn Off Notifications

Being constantly available to anyone and everyone is bad for your mental health. If you tend to struggle with notifications from random apps and websites and emails and messages, turn them all off and go off the grid for a little while.

Sometimes the less you know the better, and being able to be wilfully ignorant for just a few hours can do wonders for your stress levels. The ‘do not disturb’ option in your phone’s settings is there for a reason, so why not use it? We didn’t always have phones, so be unavailable when you need to.

Get Out of the Situation

If you’re able to, walk away as soon as possible. Getting out of a situation is the best way to tackle the stress involved, and removing yourself from the people who are annoying you (co-workers, siblings, friends or friends you don’t really know) is a very healthy way to deal with this emotion.

Sometimes the people around you can get too much, and no one could ever blame you for just needing to walk away. A little bit of time on your own, maybe 2 minutes or 5, and you’ll be right as rain again. Get back in there and do your thing, but only once you’ve handled the way you feel and have had a chance to take a breather.

Beat Up Some Dough

Baking is a very good way to put the day’s stress into something wonderful. After all, you’ll end up with a lovely baked good by the time you’re done! And when you’re making something that requires you to whip up a batch of dough first, you can really get some of the worst of your feelings out!

You can knead the dough, slap it, punch it, throw it around, and do all sorts without hurting anyone. Sure, your final product may come out a little dry or stretched, but you’ll feel so much better once you’re done. Then you can dig in and forget about what made you so angry and stressed in the first place.

Have a Vacation at Home

If you have no time or money to go away right now, bring the vacation to you. From turning your home into a cosy winter wonderland to a summer paradise where the drinks are constantly flowing, you can have a ‘staycation’ and relax in your own comfort!

If you’ve got a bit of time ahead of you, you just need to think about the vacation you really want to go on right now and then decorate accordingly. Make sure you also theme your food and drinks, and sign up to some local activities that would be similar to stuff you could do on a regular trip.

Try Something That Takes Up All of Your Attention

If you’re stressed out about a day’s events, or you had a bad dream about something from the past that’s rocked your world, you need to throw all of your attention into something else. If you’ve got a hobby that really helps you to relax, this is the perfect time to get all of your equipment out and start a new project.

But if not, trying out something like a video game or doing something physical like learning a dance routine in your living room are two great ways to take up your thoughts and give them something else to focus on.

Try Out CBD or THC Products

CBD and THC food products are fast becoming popular amongst people who live busy and stressful lives. After all, they’re good for helping you relax when you really need it, and all you need to do is eat some Delta 9 Gummies or brownies, try some oil to rub into your skin, or chew some CBD gum.

And thanks to the way these chemical strains can be grown on farms and through various plants, they’re perfectly legal to try out. If you’re keen to unwind in a way that’s low effort, seeing as you have no time to go for a run or commit to a whole Yoga session, this could be the choice for you.

Pick Up a Martial Art

Martial arts are great de-stressing activities. Why? Because they help you to channel your energy and deal with it in a destructive yet safe manner. Martial art is all about control and knowing how to handle yourself, and going to a class once a week can help you to gain that sense of discipline that makes you feel at one with yourself. From Judo to Karate to all those in between, you can try any number of martial arts until you find one that feels like it’s good for you.

Busting stress doesn’t need to be impossible. You don’t have to live with the feeling of that weight on your shoulders and the crushing in your chest. There’s plenty you can do to lift it and shake it all off, and if you can’t think of any way to manage it, the points above could do the trick! Check them out when you need them and keep them in mind for the future.