Botox and Filler Fridays My lips never looked this Sexy

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Don’t miss out on our amazing Friday Summer Special starting July 1st! 


botox fridays

As we age we have to deal with the onset of wrinkles around our eyes and forehead. 

Luckily, there’s Botox and we have it! Come take advantage of our Friday special. We’re offering Botox for only $10 and Dysport for $9. 

New to our facility? We’re offering 20% off fillers for first time clients! 


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2 thoughts on “Botox and Filler Fridays My lips never looked this Sexy

  1. Lana says:

    This sounds like an incredible deal!And not only because of this great price..Elena is an absolute expert at everything “beauty”, but especially, I like Botox and the fillers.Sometimes, you look and see right away that someone’s lips have been filled, but when you have treatment with Elena, it looks amazingly natural and people just tell me look so young for my age…:-)She is discreet, has creative and refined taste, so you know you’ll always look and feel fabulous!!

  2. Marina Tikhomirova says:

    I experienced a mood lift as well as the great results upon my Voluma and Botox treatments. It took over 10 years off my face! The most amazing part that combined Voluma with the right amount of Botox injections around my eyes, Dr. Ginsberg made me look refreshed all over! I believe its possible to keep your natural beauty up with a little help from the aesthetic medicine specialist without looking totally artificial. I definitely would recommend Elena Ginsberg as your best choice!!!

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