Blackbook Concierge: Live Your Very Best Life Effortlessly

Sophisticated, discrete, with service always at a client’s beck and call, Blackbook Concierge has excelled within the lifestyle management space since 2006. From impossible-to-get dinner reservations and inaccessible tee times, to a world-wide network of multilingual professionals with in-depth local knowledge, Blackbook Concierge is the premier facilitator of luxury services.

The company’s ability to adapt to the changing needs of clients, as well as to fluctuating economic climates, has set Blackbook apart in an increasingly crowded marketplace. They’ve accomplished this by establishing a trajectory of ever-evolving services. Blackbook professionals can find the perfect yacht charter in Saint-Tropez. They can also research and direct clients to an excellent physician, the ideal realtor, or top-rated schools. A genuinely full-service lifestyle management agency.

As well, Blackbook’s event planning prowess and execution is bar none the best in the business. Their experienced team and worldwide networks know exactly how to cater to all the whims and desires of clients. The team recently pulled off a week-long birthday celebration in Morocco, a graduation yacht party in St. Barth’s, and an exclusive 21st birthday bash in Las Vegas.

Prominent in the list of Blackbook’s services—and ensuring they outshine competitors—is Blackbook Divorce. Launched in 2016, this aspect of the business was conceived by the company’s founder Betsy Cox, and mangages the lifestyle changes couples experience during and after a divorce. Blackbook Divorce will coordinate attorneys, real estate needs, childcare, and all the logistics that coincide with divorce.

Ms. Cox’s innovation and foresight have projected Blackbook Divorce to the forefront of a newly revitalized realm of business. Cox, a divorcee, found she fully understood the lifestyle management requirement necessary to alleviate the stress involved when she began receiving referrals from friends for divorce advice and services. From there, Blackbook Divorce took shape and propelled the company into the luxury space spotlight.

In addition to Blackbook, Cox is a Development Consultant at InventTV; a full-service production company that specializes in producing scripted and unscripted television series, specials and live events.

About Blackbook Concierge
BLACKBOOK was founded in 2006 by Betsy Cox to satisfy the world’s most sophisticated individuals looking for lifestyle management services. Betsy and her associates have built an extensive database of high level services in New York and around the world to provide to their clients. BLACKBOOK ensures to deliver on any request with the highest level of service. All requests are possible and our services are limitless.

Blackbook retains a team of experience professionals around the world so our clients have access to a proprietary network of experts and resources. BLACKBOOK is your own little black book that has entry to the very best life has to offer with the luxury of hanging us do the legwork for you.

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