Bizarre Things You Never Knew About Pregnancy And Giving Birth



Most of us have a general picture of what happens during birth. You squeeze hard for a while, take plenty of gas, and eventually a newborn baby pops out. But the process is actually a lot stranger than that.

You Can Be Pregnant For More Than A Year

You have sex, then nine months later a baby appears. That’s how it goes, right?

Well, not always. It turns out that you can be pregnant for more than a year. Researchers don’t quite know why longer gestation periods occur. But they think that it might have to do with natural variability. Some babies just need to spend longer in the oven than others. Some are ready by seven months, while others require as long as twelve. The longest recorded pregnancy was 54 weeks, which is longer than a full year.

Your Partner May Experience Pregnancy Symptoms

Naturally, if you are pregnant, you will experience the symptoms. Morning sickness and hot flashes are par for the course. But did you know that your partner may also experience symptoms with you?

Researchers think that it has to do with sympathy. Partners’ bodies begin experiencing similar effects as you to help you through the process. It may be an evolutionary coping mechanism, designed to bring parents closer together to prepare them for looking after a child.

The Only proven Way To Bring On Labor Is Nipple Stimulation

This one is a little odd – but it’s the only way science currently knows to bring on labour. Researchers think it works by releasing the love hormone, oxytocin, preparing the body for breastfeeding. This process then signals the womb to begin contracting, potentially bringing on labor.

One In Seven Women Require A Catheter After Giving Birth

Having a baby puts a lot of pressure on the bladder and muscles in the pelvic floor. So much so, in fact, that many women require a Speedicath after giving birth.

Some Babies Are Born With Teeth

Evolution has been generally kind to moms by ensuring that the majority of babies are born without teeth. However, about one in two thousand children do actually have teeth as they come out of the womb. And that can make breastfeeding a little uncomfortable to say the least.

Your Heart Gets Bigger

When you become pregnant, the size of your heart actually swells. But it’s not just because you’re about to create a big, loving family. It also comes down to the dramatic increase in the amount of blood your body requires when you have a baby: upwards of 50 percent more. The heart has to get bigger and beat faster to supply your child with nutrients and oxygen as it grows.

If You Are Taller, You Are More Likely To Have Twins

Lastly, taller women are much more likely to have twins. Researchers think it has to do with increased levels of certain growth hormones in the body. These may interact with developing eggs, increasing the chances that they will split and create two babies.


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