Basic but important tips on how to stay safe as you wear your face mask religiously

Before the pandemic began, very few people had ever worn a mask, let alone buy one. However, mask-wearing has become a common aspect of life and even enforced by authorities in many jurisdictions across the world.In fact, masks have been identified as the most effective tools in the fight against the COVID-19 virus, as per the CDC findings. Today, a mask is a basic commodity in any retail store, and at some point, there was even a shortage. Indeed, the mask-making companies are making a killing as everyone on screen is advertising their products. However, as people continue wearing masks and the mask makers get rich, the critical issue that should be of international concern is how the same item, praised for its ability to protect lives, can at the same time be contributing to infections or not helping at all.

The problem here is education on how masks should be utilized so that they’re not a health hazard to the users. Now that you know how a facemask is important in preventing transmission of the virus, do you know how to handle your mask? For whether you wear the best masks, such as the N95 or the ASTM Level 3 Surgical Mask, it can’t protect you effectively unless you help it. Read on and understand how you should handle your mask in order to help it protect you;

  •  Before touching the mask, wash your hands with soap and water for a minimum of 20 seconds or use a hand sanitizer to kill all bacterial/viruses
  •  Make sure you know the which is back and front part of the mask, so you can wear it properly
  • If your face mask has ear loops, hold it by the loops and wear the loops around your ears
  • For the mask with tied s at the back, place the mask on your nose while holding the ties and secure the tie around your head
  • Pull the mask to cover your mouth and chin properly

The point here is, make sure you don’t touch your mask as you touch other surfaces that may be contaminated. Even when adjusting your mask, try to touch it using the areas of your arms that do not come into regular contact with other surfaces, say the lower arms or the back of your palm. You have to protect yourself at all costs, and if you decided to wear a mask, don’t make it kill you by touching it with contaminated hands, especially when adjusting.  Be smart and stay safe!

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