7 Tried-and-Tested Ways To Improve Your Real Estate Marketing and Website

 Succeeding in the real estate or rental management business requires equal amounts of hard work and talent. Moreover, with competition getting fiercer by the year, companies and independent realtors must find better ways to reach their audiences before their competitors do. Sometimes this means embracing new techniques, like virtual showings. Other times, though, all you need to do to overcome the competition is to perfect your marketing skills. So, make sure you use the following strategies to market your real estate services and avoid leaving any money on the table.


  1. Build a modern and professional website


This one is a no-brainer, since your website is the first impression people often get of your company. Having your own online platform can give an air of professionalism to your business and make it easier for property owners to get to know your brand. Marketing agency Goodjuju says that “your website should be acting like your best salesman, 24/7”. Of course, this isn’t a new development, by any means. However, since so many realtors and property managers are overlooking this step, having a well-built site with quality photographs and high download speeds might be just what you need to boost your sales and brand recognition. Showcase IDX is the most popular real estate search and consumer engagement platform, helping brokers, teams, and agents generate leads by improving their websites and standing ou


  1. Blog on a regular basis


Trust is the building block of any real estate business. When people look for help to buy or sell a house or have their rental property managed, they are understandably wary of trusting their hard-earned money to a stranger. After all, online reviews can be faked and reputations can be built on a lie. However, by building a blog with helpful, factual content you can establish yourself as an expert in your field for little to no money. Just make sure you use infographics, embedded videos, attractive images, and engaging prose to keep your readers coming back for more.


  1. Hire a professional photographer


They say that a picture can say more than a thousand words for a reason. When buyers or renters research a property, a single glance at a picture can decide whether they tour one of your properties or keep scrolling. In other words, people will judge a book by its cover, and that’s why you want to make your houses and condos look as good as possible. By hiring an experienced photographer you can ensure your properties stand out and will instantly catch the eye of potential buyers browsing through listings.


  1. Use video walkthroughs


We live in an age of digital content, when people can virtually visit properties they’re interested in even if they live halfway across the country. So, why not take advantage of technology to capture new audiences? By just using your smartphone camera to walk around your property you can let potential buyers see how your space looks like in person without having to spend a dime to go visit it. Then all you need to do is can upload your file on an online video sharing platform and use the link to embed it on your website, listing profiles, forums, and social media accounts to share it with an almost limitless pool of potential buyers.


  1. Promote your content non-stop


Creating great content isn’t enough to gain new visitors and clients for your website. In fact, to truly market your content – and by default, your services – you need to have it featured on relevant, authoritative websites that your audience reads frequently. Writing a guest post for a renowned website on your niche will build your credibility with readers and draw traffic back to your website. As long as your content is informative and prioritizes your readers’ needs before yours, you will have visitors flocking to your website to find out more about your properties and services.


  1. Use Instagram to go visual


More than just being a place for selfies, Instagram is a wildly popular platform where you can exhibit your products in a visually enticing manner. Whether it’s uploading walkthrough videos of your rentals or sharing high-def photographs of your properties, you can use your Instagram account to craft imagery that will capture your target audience’s attention. So, make sure that you both know which hashtags are trending and upload attractive content that will outshine your competitors, and you’ll attract new potential customers to your business in no time.


  1. Create a strong Zillow profile


Building a reputable image on Zillow is essential to any realtor’s success. As one of the most popular platforms for the real estate industry, Zillow is a magnet for real estate buyers and sellers looking to research prospective properties. So, once you have created your profile and listed your properties, make sure you ask for reviews after each successful transaction to further build your reputation and attract new visitors towards your website.



Regardless of the strategy you use, success won’t come right away. It takes time to put your name on the map. However, once you start seeing the results of your investment, you’ll realize that your time and money were well spent.