5 Ways To Manage Depression

When you have depression, some days are just impossible to face. Things that people take for granted are incredibly difficult, and it can seem as though very few people understand why you just can’t make it to that social event, or you’re struggling to even get out of bed.


Dealing with – and managing – your depression may seem like a hard task, but trying out a few things could help you to battle through those tough days with a little more ease. Of course, you should definitely visit a doctor if you’re worried about your depression, but here are five things that could help you to self-manage it.


#1: Don’t punish yourself

The worst thing that you can do when you have depression is punishing yourself for feeling the way that you do. The bottom line is that depression is an illness, and you haven’t chosen to suffer in the ways that you do. Understanding that your mental health is sometimes out of your control may help you to come to terms with your depression, and look at it in a more healthy light. Negative thinking about it may only cause it to intensify.


#2: Talk to your loved ones

If you’re struggling with depression and you feel alone, then you may benefit from reaching out to those around you. A problem seems a lot less scary when you share it with somebody else, and you will almost certainly find that those who care for you will support you through your worst days. If you communicate properly, people will also know that it’s not personal when you cancel plans or take some time out.


#3: Start small

On those days where you can’t get out of bed, start small with your achievements. Sometimes, washing your face or brushing your teeth is all that you can do, but this is enough. If you’re not feeling well – just like if you had the flu – you can’t achieve all of the things that you may want to. Starting small can get the ball rolling, however, so don’t underestimate the power of taking a shower, or doing the washing up.


#4: Look after your body

Though depression is a mental illness, it is very much linked to your body. Not only does depression affect your body, but your body can also affect your depression. Try to eat healthy foods (or simply eat at all when you’re not feeling too great), stay hydrated, and look into natural medications such as west coast sour diesel. Though these things may seem small, they will help you to manage your depression in the long-run.


#5: Allow self-care time

If you’re struggling to get stuff done due to your depression, or you just really can’t beat those negative feelings off as well as you’d like to, then allow yourself the time to relax, sleep, or do those things that you find make you feel better. Sometimes, you just need to have a day in bed eating chocolate and watching chick flicks. This isn’t something that you should feel bad about, in fact, it’s a necessary part of self-care!

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