5 Reasons Why Diamonds are the Most Romantic Anniversary Gift

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Looking for a unique anniversary gift that’s guaranteed to bring a smile to their face? Try a diamond.

Diamonds have long since been cherished as a symbol of eternal love. Women love them and nothing says status more for a man than a diamond-encrusted watch. Although not the rarest gem on earth, they are by far the most desirable.

We investigated the top five reasons why you should consider a diamond for your anniversary gift this year. What better way to celebrate your love than with the greatest gemstone of all?

5 Reasons Diamonds are Romantic

Here are five of the best reasons to give your loved one a diamond, this anniversary.

1 – They are Eternal

Just like everlasting love, a diamond is indestructible. They are formed under incredible amounts of pressure and will withstand even more. The only way to cut and shape them is with tools cut from other diamonds. There is no gemstone harder.

This means she/he/they can run it over with their car, drop it into an industrial crusher, throw it into the sea, or drop a building on it, and the diamond would survive. Though you might need a new setting.

2 – They are Formed Under Incredible Pressure

Just like love, a diamond takes consistent time and effort to form. It takes between 1 and 3.3 billion years for a diamond to form. They are created up to 90 miles below the earth’s surface in deposits formed at depths as great as 400 miles down. They are formed in heat above 200 degrees centigrade. You can learn all about how your diamond is formed at Geology.com.

3 – They are Expensive

Although not truly the rarest gemstone on the planet, diamonds are some of the most expensive. The expense that you pay for the engagement ring or the cufflinks or the watch or the necklace, all is symbolic. The expense is seen as both an investment in your partner and a symbol of trust in you. They are trusting you not to lose the diamond on your finger, to take care of the investment as you take care of them.

That initial expense is a sign of a marriage that is going to be fruitful. You are much more financially certain when going into a marriage with someone who gives you a diamond than you are with someone who gives you a zircon.

Where Can I Buy Wholesale Diamonds in Texas?

If you are interested in picking up some of the best-priced diamonds in Texas, you should head to Fort Worth. Shira Diamonds in Fort Worth is a wholesale diamond distributor, who will give you a great deal if you want to buy in bulk.

There are diamonds in Texas, both at surface level and up to 90 miles below. All you have to do is fork out or start digging.


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