5 Reasons to Build a Quonset Style Home or Garage

When choosing the style of building you want for a home or garage, the choices can be overwhelming, especially with one company telling you to choose them and another telling you they are the right choice. Your decision depends on what application you want the home or garage for. An automotive garage would not require the same structure as an airplane garage, neither would a wilderness home require the same construction as a country home. Here are four reasons you should consider a quonset style home or garage when you choose to build.

Proven Reliability

The first quonset style hut was built at Quonset Point, Rhode Island, in 1941. It was designed with arch ribs in a steel corrugated half-cylinder design that was so successful that modern designs like the SteelMaster Buildings follow the same basic plan. Known to withstand almost anything Mother Nature can throw at them, the galvanized steel structures have proven for the past 75 years that they are meant to last.

Eco Friendly Build

Built for long life, the huts can easily deflect the sun’s UV rays with their Galvalume Plus coating and thus resist the chemical breakdown that other buildings often endure. Made from steel, the arches have an 80 percent recycled component which helps minimize their environmental impact. You can also customize the buildings to make them even more eco friendly with large windows and solar power. You can also minimize natural resources by increasing the building envelope with heavy insulation, thereby reducing the use of natural resources for energy expenditure. Most importantly, using less lumber to build the structure means cutting fewer trees and saving more of Mother Earth’s resources.

Personalized Proportions

When it comes to what you need to use your quonset building for, one size does not fit all. With the need to maximize use of space, some residential builders add a second floor within the top portion of the hut and narrow the exterior slope of the walls. Doing so creates a more egg-shaped top and less gently sloping walls. Other users add porches, decks, and outdoor areas to their design, so family, friends, and customers can enjoy the area. With the high center apex, and the ability to shape your arch into dozens of side-wall configurations, you are only limited by your creativity.

Cost Advantages

Depending on the design you choose, there are many advantages to building a galvanized steel quonset hut. For many people, the most important advantage is the low cost per square foot. The steel arch building constructions typically range in price from $10 to around $13 a square foot compared to a stick construction at around $150 a square foot. Although the stick construction does include inside walls, the addition of an interior space within an arch shell is still much less than standard construction costs.

Mother Nature Resistant

With all the storms, hurricanes, and fires across the United States during the past few years, when choosing a type of building shell, you may want to strongly consider a material that is Mother Nature resistant. The galvanized steel construction places the quonset hut into that category. The durable shell can easily resist even the most violent hair storm, and with a lightning rod attached to the top of the arch, even a violent electrical storm would have trouble damaging the building. With so many fires spreading across the dry landscape, it is good to know that the hut is built to be fire resistant and the steel construction can withstand some very high heat.

For decades the quonset hut has been the go-to building for industrial giants, the military, and back-to-nature enthusiasts. During the past 15 years, the arch-shaped building has also become the choice for personal home builders. So, whether you need a shed, a barn or a home, why not look into the quonset hut to see if it fits your needs.

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