5 Herbs That Help With Anti-Aging


One of the natural remedies available for anti-aging is to use herbs. Herbs help with so many things, from easing inflammation to reducing chronic pain. There are also certain herbs that are ideal if you want to slow down or reduce the signs of aging.

Take a look at these helpful and youthful herbs.


Sage is a common herb that people use for many different types of things, from cooking and preparing meals, to using it in natural healing remedies. This powerful herb can also help with your anti-aging woes since it helps to reduce inflammation.

With extra inflammation in the body, it often leads you to aging faster than what is natural. In order to reduce inflammation naturally, introduce sage into your daily regimen.


Next up is ginseng, which is something many people are familiar with. This is not typically an herb you grow in your garden, but a supplement or dried herb you find at the drugstore and natural health stores.

Ginseng was once called the Fountain of Youth, since it is so amazing for helping to restore your sexual energy, help with loose skin, and tighten your muscles.


This is an herb that is really great because it is easy to grow yourself indoors or outdoors, and it can help with your health as well as anti-aging. For aging, the antioxidants in peppermints are what is going to help the most. These can help with a number of different age-related conditions, along with heart diseases and even reducing your risk for cancer.

In addition, peppermint herb is going to help with your digestion.


While technically a spice, turmeric should be on the list of one of the best herbs and spices for anti-aging. This natural miracle also helps with inflammation in your body and skin, which can reduce puffiness and tighten up your skin, leading to less lines and wrinkles. Plus, it tastes great so it is easy to add to your meals.


If you want to grow simple herbs at home that you can use for cooking, but also have healing properties for anti-aging, oregano should be on your list. This is another herb with antioxidant properties, so it is going to help with natural cell growth and remove free radicals from your body that lead to premature aging. It also happens to be anti-fungal, so it can help prevent or get rid of various bacterial infections.


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