5 Essential Garden Tools You Need



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Having a beautiful landscape has many benefits for your home. However, maintaining it could cost you more money and take up a lot of room if you don’t know where to start. Sticking to only the essentials can avoid overcrowding in your shed and storage areas. Investing in essential tools can free your budget and make your garden maintenance more convenient. Below are five essential garden tools you may need.

Hand trowel

Gardening may require digging small holes to gauge soil depths, sowing seeds, and removing stubborn weeds. And this is where a hand trowel can be your finest ally. A hand trowel with a robust, narrow blade is a must-have garden tool to help you readily cut into the dirt while giving you a comfortable grip. Trowels made of stainless steel or that have a stainless steel tip are durable and last longer to help you with transplanting bedding plants and planting containers.

Long-handled spades and shovels

A long-handled spade with a straight edge and a flat blade is useful for digging holes, chopping roots, and digging out plants and weeds. They are also great for creating edgings. Long-handled garden spades with sharp, rounded blades are also available; they are ideal for digging and moving soil. The two make gardening easier, even for seniors. You have more leverage when the shovel or spade handle is longer. When buying your long-handled spade and shovels, always seek out forged metal.

Garden rake and hoe

The garden rake, also known as a ground rake, is useful for smoothing out the compost. You can also use it to rake the soil level to make a lovely crumbly seedbed. The garden hoe can easily eliminate shallow-rooted weeds, make furrows for sowing seed and break up soil clumps. Since hoe heads may come in various sizes and shapes, check that the head is firmly attached to the handle. Splintering is less likely with a smooth hardwood handle.


A lawnmower is an incredibly efficient and must-have piece of equipment for your garden. It can help you trim your lawn quickly and efficiently, allowing you more time for other jobs or duties. You can use the mower to prevent your garden from looking neglected and overgrown, saving you time and money. Fortunately, they are simple to maintain and fairly easy to repair if you run into trouble. With a pair of pliers or screwdrivers and quality part replacements, you can trim your grass again. Plus, most parts are easily available. For instance, you can select your Edger replacement parts from this website.


A wheelbarrow can help you carry hundreds of pounds if you have extra dirt to move about your backyard, mulch or compost to add to your garden beds, or do some heavy lifting and moving. Single-wheel, traditional dual-handle designs might be difficult to balance when carrying big or unevenly distributed loads. Single-handle two-wheel variants are simpler to balance, making them ideal for people with limited strength or for dragging over rough terrain. You can drag or push wheelbarrows with one handle without much effort. Remember to keep them dry and clean to avoid rust and maintain proper tire inflation for easier wheeling.