40% of women say a girls night out is what they are looking forward to most post pandemic

If you missed hanging out with your friends IRL this year, you’re not alone. A new nationwide survey from Zulily of 1,000 women revealed that nearly half (49%) of women say they have only seen their friends two times or fewer in the last year. When it comes to finally reuniting with friends, they’re most looking forward to a girls night out (40%) and hosting a happy hour at home (25%).

Zulily’s team of experts have curated a handful of tips for making the first post-COVID reunion a girls’ night to remember. What’s number one on the list? A limited-edition wine collection made specifically for best friends. Created by Vintage Wine Estates for Zulily, the limited-edition collection retails for $49 per trio and features a Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet, each specially labeled with a recipe for the perfect friendship, celebrating qualities women look for most in a best friend: honesty, humor and trust.


To celebrate National Best Friend Day on June 8, online retailer Zulily® today launched a wine collection designed to bring moms together and celebrate their friendships after a year of being apart. Created by Vintage Wine Estates for Zulily, the limited-edition collection features a Rose, Sauvignon Blanc and Cabernet, specially labeled with a recipe for the perfect friendship.

The three-bottle collection celebrates the qualities moms look for most in their best friend: honesty, humor and trust, and will be available exclusively on Zulily.com while supplies last, beginning today through June 15, for $49 per trio.

A new, nationwide survey from Zulily revealed that nearly half (49%) of moms say they have only seen their friends two times or fewer in the last year. The special edition wine is designed to help make their upcoming reunions all the more special.

“Friendships are an integral part of life – and that’s especially true for moms. Friends offer a built-in-support system and source of laughter that can help make the parenting load a bit lighter,” said Megan Marshall, Zulily’s director of brand marketing. “This year, that support happened mostly from a distance – via video calls, text messages or on social media. We wanted to help moms mark their in-person reunions with something worthy of the occasion. Vintage Wine Estates makes amazing California wines and these special edition labels speak to what we’ve always known a great bottle of wine has the power to do: connect, unite and celebrate.”

Zulily’s new nationwide survey of moms also uncovered what’s top of mind for mom when it comes to her friendships:

  • Moms Supporting Moms: Friends and partners are the most essential ingredient of a modern-day friendship, showing that girl gangs for moms are about far more than just fun.
    • Nearly 30% of moms speak to their mom friends twice or more a day. Seventy-five percent of moms say these conversations revolve around kids at least daily.
    • Moms also say support (79%), humor (66%), and patience (65%) are essential for a successful modern-day friendship.
    • When it comes to how their friendships have changed since becoming a mom, the most common response from moms was that they proactively look for other mom friends for support (51%).
    • Eighty-four percent say a supportive spouse or partner is important to maintain friendships.
  • While moms may not have had much IRL face time with friends, emojis, social media and kids have helped them stay connected.
    • Eighty-four percent of moms stay in touch with friends by texting, 71% send fun memes or content on social media, and 44% say they schedule playdates with their kids.
    • The emoji language: When it comes to communicating via emojis, 56% of moms say they use the laughing face emoji the most, with the poop emoji as the least used (5%).
    • Sixty-eight percent of moms say they most frequently discuss relationships (spouses, partners, neighbors and family), 53% say they discuss momload and the pressures of being a parent, and 49% say life achievements including milestones with the kids.
  • Moms Night Out (MNO): with moms itching to see their best friends again, girls’ nights out and happy hours at home are ranking as the top ways moms plan to reunite.
    • Moms say the first thing they plan to do when reuniting with friends include planning a girls night out (40%) and hosting a happy hour at home (25%).
    • Fifty-three percent of moms say sweets or libations are what they are most likely to gift their friends, and 64% of moms are likely to choose wine by the label for their long-awaited happy hours and MNOs.

To buy a bottle of this new limited-edition wine for your best friends, visit www.zulily.com.


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