3 Steps to Take Before Heading To Splitsville

High-profile divorce attorney shares some of the secrets for a successful separation.

divorceAccording to the American Psychological Association, 40 percent to 50 percent of married couples in the United States will file for divorce. Research also shows that the divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.


But many couples overlook some crucial elements before the divorce filing process begins. “What really makes or breaks a divorce proceeding is how much prep work and evidence you have built up against your soon-to-be ex,” says Benjamin Hodas, founding attorney of the Law Offices of Benjamin Hodas (www.hodaslaw.com). The attorneys at the Law Offices of Benjamin Hodas have helped hundreds of clients work through separation challenges and divorce proceedings.


Hodas, who specializes in divorces involving high net worth clientele, says that while there is often an overwhelming amount of possible actions to take before filing, following these three tips will keep you ahead of the curve:


  1. Understand it takes time – Divorce is not a quick or seamless process. Litigation, specifically divorce, is an art not a science.  Hodas says the length of the proceedings and costs often depend on the parties themselves.  Results depend on whether they are willing to participate amicably and efficiently or if their actions thwart the efforts of their own and opposing counsel.
  2. Plan for the future – Hodas always asks his clients where they see themselves in an ideal post-divorce world.  People don’t realize how significantly life changes during and after a divorce.
  3. Get a handle on your finances – Know what assets you have. Account for all bank accounts, securities, retirement plans, investments, and insurance policies that are registered in your name. You’ll also have to manage your liabilities like a mortgage, credit card(s), loans, and any other personal debt. Some states, like Florida, require financial transparency from both parties. Strategy based on the individual client’s objectives is determined from the specifics of each case.


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