The Perfect Engagement Ring on a Budget




It is a common scenario, a couple decide to get engaged, but the shine is taken away from the moment somewhat by concerns about the cost of an engagement ring. While this is perfectly understandable, it is avoidable, there are lots of options for people looking for the perfect engagement ring on a budget – so let the search begin.


Research the Market


To begin the search, it is a good idea to research the market for new engagement rings thoroughly. It is surprising just how many relatively cheap engagement rings there are on offer, it is simply a case of finding them.


Even if what is found still turns out to be unaffordable, the research will act as a good yardstick by which to compare other options. In addition, having a good look around may also be a catalyst for ideas regarding the style of the desired ring.  


Hidden Heirlooms


Another option and one that is really romantic, is to enquire amongst family as to whether there are any heirlooms that can be used. A ring that has been in the family and can be handed down to the next generation could be just the ticket.


If there is one to be had, then take it along to a respected jeweller and have it restored, that way when it comes to giving the ring it will look as good as new.


Break the Mould


Choosing an engagement ring that doesn’t conform to the traditional design can make for a piece that is distinctive and personal. Alternative materials like wood for instance can be both beautiful and amazing value for money.


Rings that are a little quirky can be a real talking point and are likely to attract more attention than that of something with a more common design.

Antique Chic


For an engagement ring that has history and character the vintage and antiques markets are a good place to look. There are a lot of bargains to be had if you have a little time, patience and an eye for something special.


Specialist jewellers, antiques fairs and even second hand shops are all game hunting ground and make for a lovely day out shopping.  


No matter what your budget is, the perfect engagement ring is out there just waiting to be found. All it takes to find it is a little creative thinking and the passion to pursue your dreams.

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