Shopping For Men’s Jewelry: What To Look For?


Gone are the days when people used to associate jewelry only with women. Men wearing jewelry is not an uncommon sight in the present day world. You couldn’t be more wrong if you think that most men are not sensible enough when it comes to wearing the right pieces of jewelry with their outfits. The truth is wearing jewelry has become highly fashionable for men these days and most of them do it confidently.

Although most of the jewelry that men wear has some purpose or significance attached to it, there are different pieces of jewelry that are worn just to complement the outfit that they choose to wear.

Once in a while you do come across men wearing the perfect outfit but who’ve failed miserably at pairing it with the correct pieces of jewelry. Compared to the jewelry that women wear men’s jewelry are less blingy and understated. (Of course, there are exceptions).

Keeping jewelry to the minimum and in a subtle manner works perfectly for men. Looking too gaudy and loud in the jewelry that you choose to wear could ruin even the most perfect outfit. Let’s take a look at some pieces of jewelry preferred commonly by men.

Different kinds of rings

Rings continue to occupy one of the top positions when it comes to men’s jewelry and it has been around since ancient times. Rings are worn in most cultures to symbolize marriage between two people. Men usually wear their wedding ring on the left-hand ring finger.

Traditionally a wedding ring used to be made of gold or platinum. But now these rings are available in metals like titanium, silver, white gold and even tungsten. Wedding bands inlaid with diamonds and with engravings are also quite popular these days. You can find a wide range of choices for wedding bands at  It is time to choose.

Some men prefer to keep it simple by wearing a signet ring whereas some like to wear several rings on their fingers. The number of rings that you choose to wear depends on your personal taste and style. To get a complete look you need to make sure the metal of your ring matches with the metal of the other accessories and jewelry that you choose to wear.

You need to pair your silver rings with a silver watch, a silver tie-clip or belt buckles. Wearing rings with a specific meaning attached to it or one that symbolizes a cause is also quite common. If you are new to wearing rings it’s best to wear one ring on each hand.

Watches are a must

Watches have been in use for centuries. As much as they are practical, a watch can also make you feel sophisticated. It’s always best to have more than one watch, to wear it according to the occasion. They are not just functional but pairing the right one with your outfit can give you a complete look. Watches would also be a good option for men who are not fond of wearing jewelry.

Different styles of watches are available in the markets today that are created to match particular lifestyles. Depending on the ‘look’ you wish to project and the occasion, you have to choose a different watch like a sports watch, chronograph watch, a luxury watch, a diver’s watch, a Swiss watch, a mechanical watch, a large watch or a military watch. Gold and silver watches work perfectly for formal occasions. You can choose the metal, the color and the shape of the dial based on your personal choice and individuality.

Necklaces and pendants

Compared to the present age more men used to were necklaces in the past. They preferred wearing more than one necklace too. However, in the present day wearing more than one necklace is not widely accepted or popular. When you compare it to the women’s necklaces a man’s necklace would differ in style and length to create a masculine look. Opting for a minimal one like a silver chain would be a wise idea.

Wearing pendants have gained more popularity among men today. Most of the pendants represent something that they believe in or it is a symbol or idol that represent a religious faith. Only gold and silver pendants were more popular during the earlier times. Now men do wear pendants that are made of different kinds of metals and non-metals. These pendants are either attached to their necklaces or to leather cords that are black or brown in color.


Though considered to be a men’s accessory, cuff-links are actually pieces of jewelry that hold together a man’s shirt cuffs in place. Cuff-links are mostly used in a professional or formal setting. Cuff-links come in different metals like titanium, gold, and steel. Some are inlaid with precious or semi-precious stones. A design that looks classic or traditional is a safe choice when it comes to cuff-links. Avoid studs that look too flashy or that are big in size.

Bracelets and earrings

Bracelets are quite popular among men. During the older times, men’s bracelets used to be heavier and were made of expensive metals. However, now bracelets come in a wide range of materials including ones made of leather, different kinds of metals like silver, titanium, platinum, and gold, different kinds of beads, and in ceramic. Sometimes two or more materials are incorporated to make a bracelet.

Men wearing earrings are not that uncommon today. While most men prefer to wear a single earring there are people who wear two or more. When it comes to men’s earrings the most popular ones are the studs and the hoops that have been around for a long while. Earrings come in both precious and semi-precious metals. They could be inlaid in precious stones like diamonds or any other semi-precious stones.

While shopping for men’s jewelry the best decision would be not to compromise on the quality of the piece that you wish to buy. Even if you have to pay more the difference would be obvious. Take care to keep it simple and make sure that the colors match. You are sure to get the attention of others for all the good reasons.

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