Rally Against Breast Cancer with The World Debut of PHARAOUN Cocktail Rings’ “Anaïs”

 Sergio Andrés Mendoza’s innovative cocktail ring company, announces the world debut of

“Anaïs” for Breast Cancer Awareness Month,

with 100% of the purchase price going to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation




“Pharaoun…one of our favorite jewelry designers…

a cocktail ring that represents your own strength…”

Where Miami – “The Fix”

 “Every ring has a story.

But a Pharaoun ring has a story that is deep to the core.”

Ocean Drive Magazine

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  Sergio Andrés Mendoza’s Miami-based Pharaoun Cocktail Rings has launched into the hearts and minds of people across South Florida and is quickly making waves across the nation and the world. Each ring has deep meaning and beauty, to honor those who wear them. Pharaoun Cocktail Rings’ newest cocktail ring, ‘Anaïs’, is making its debut during Breast Cancer Awareness Month, with all proceeds going to the Breast Cancer Awareness Foundation.

“October is breast cancer awareness month, but I think about it almost every day. I lost my wife Sarah to metastatic breast cancer in 2017, and her fight with cancer is over, but mine is not. My daughter Anaïs is 4 now, but I don’t want to sit idly and wait for her future to come.  I want to change her future, and the future of the women around me.” Said Mendoza.

The Anaïs Story

 My daughter’s favorite rings are always rosado, and this pink version of Herculaneum is named after her.

I come from a long line of fantastically beautiful women, but in general, they have been so naturally blessed, that they did not need to be very feminine.  I overreacted, and married the most feminine woman I could find, and was blessed to have a daughter that is also very feminine.  My grandmother Ita says that a woman’s femininity is her greatest power.  I don’t know if that is true, but I think it is definitely worth considering.  My grandmother’s advice is always very good.

Pink also happens to be the rallying color for the war against breast cancer.  My wife Sarah died from metastatic breast cancer, and I do not want my daughter to die.  This ring is my daughter Anaïs’ favorite color, but it also captures my hope that we can prevent all of our daughters from dying from this terrible disease.  I am donating 100% of the purchase price of my Anaïs ring to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation (bcrf.org).  I need to.  I am scared, and want to be optimistic about my daughter’s future health.

All $295 of your purchase will be donated to BCRF, so I am personally donating all of the costs for your ring to match your generosity.

Mendoza’s Favorite Aspects of the Anaïs Cocktail Ring

I find this ring totally regal.  It is a real stunner, and as I like to say, you can “dance with the Russians, and not feel under-dressed”.  If you are looking for a formal and elegant ring for a special day or night, this ring might be the one for you.

One of my favorite parts of this ring is the combination of the stone cut and its setting.  The particularly brilliant cut of this stone, when mounted with a closed-back, brings out a richness and depth of color that is mesmerizing.  I hope it enchants you as well.

PHARAOUN – The name Pharaoun embodies the glory of the forgotten tastemakers of history, and is a reaffirmation that we are standing on the shoulders of giants, humbly paying our respect to the past, while declaring our commitment to build a better and more beautiful future.


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 The Inspiration Behind Pharaoun Cocktail Rings

 Pharaoun is Mendoza’s testament to the strength of the women who molded and nurtured him, and is dedicated to his wife, whose death brought his desired legacy to the forefront of his life’s work.

He took his grief and translated it into gratitude not only for his wife, but for all the women around him.  Radically, he began Pharaoun not through sales, but by gifting hundreds of rings to the women in his life.

To each person, as they decide which ring is right for her, Mendoza implores, “My hope is that you fall in love with one of my cocktail rings, not only because of its design, but because it represents a part of you that you love. Maybe it reflects a part of you that you don’t see often but want to be reminded of. Maybe it is your greatest strength.  Maybe it is the person you want to be. The choice is yours.”

 The Designs

 The combination of traditional elements with a requirement for elegance defines Mendoza’s work.  “I learned how to design rings by studying the most exquisite artifacts of the past.” Mendoza said.  “My goal is to design rings that are more beautiful than anything the world has ever seen, but I will never be able to do so unless I learn from and pay my respects to the brilliant designers of history.”

The Journey

 Each Pharaoun cocktail ring takes you on a journey, as it has for Mendoza himself.  He thrived in the digital world, both as a software developer and startup executive, but his newfound respect for mortality has shifted his focus to the importance of personal connections in his life.


About Pharaoun Cocktail Rings

Pharaoun Cocktail Rings is a one-of-a-kind jewelry company dedicated to the beauty and symbolism of cocktail rings as a way to honor women.  Through traditional yet fresh design, old world craftsmanship and an underlying sense of elegance, each Pharaoun cocktail ring is designed to remind a woman of her beauty, independence and strength.

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