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Stores change their prices all the time. Paribus gets your money back when stores drop their prices.

 Have you ever bought something only to have it go on sale the next week? Now there’s a service – Paribus – that automatically gets you a refund on the price difference at 18 different online retailers including Amazon, Macy’s and Target. Paribus is like insurance that you’ll always get the best price, even when retailers like Amazon change their prices 100 million times each day.
Want to know the best part? It’s totally free to sign-up. Paribus only charges 2% of the refund amount AFTER they’ve secured your cash back.
Just connect Paribus with your email account in a few clicks, and shop online as you would normally. Whenever a price drops or you miss a deal, Paribus files a price adjustment, scoops up the difference, and sends it your way. Paribus makes the shopping experience hassle-free by eliminating the need to price compare.
 Paribus monitors your inbox for emails from a supported store such as Amazon, Target, Best Buy, Gap or Macy’s …  When it sees a receipt for a purchase from a supported retailer, it immediately goes to work and monitors the price of the item you bought. When the program detects a receipt from a supported store, it checks for price decreases as well as any coupons or promo codes. When a drop is detected, Paribus automatically writes the retailer and submits a refund request. The company takes a 25 percent cut of the refund when it’s received.  
This recent article describes the business model very accurately and will give you more insight into Paribus. 
They’ve been featured on Good Morning America, ABC World News, CNBC,Business Insider.
You must  connect your Amazon account and have made a purchase in the last 30 days to earn your reward (if applicable here). Paribus will track your purchases automatically after sign-up and get you money back on online purchases.

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