Motorcar Racing Rolex Brands: Built for the Endurance of Racing Drivers


Whether you’re a professional car racer or diehard spectator, you must wonder about the impact of luxury watch brands. Timing is everything when it comes to car racing. Every fraction of a second counts, which is why motorsport and the world of watches go hand-in-hand. As such, luxury watches play an integral role in accentuating the sports imagine, with basically every team flossing some luxury watch partnership that sees their drivers and prominent staff members boast their bling during meet-and-greet events.

One watch currently trending in motorsport’s world is the Rolex Daytona Singapore brand. Launched in 1963, the watch is designed for professional car racing. It’s believed that Paul Newman wore one of the Rolexes, which he received from his wife as a gift when he joined automobile racing. Here is everything you need to know about this bling. Get more info about it at

Built for the endurance of racing drivers

The Cosmograph Daytona is bling that pays tribute to its origin, Daytona. It’s built with a tachymetric scale, allowing the driver to calculate elapsed time in hours, minutes, and seconds. Upon setting the timer, it will alert you how much time and miles you’ve covered. You will see the hours and minutes displayed on its distinctive covers at nine and three o’clock, respectively. The seconds are in the arrow-tipped center, and the 60-second scale is around the trial.

Daytona Rolex Singapore brands have white dial snailed counters with 18 carat gold applique hour markers and hands. The central sweep seconds hand allows drivers to read 1/8 of a second. The two counters on the dial display the elapsed time in hours and minutes. This allows drivers to track their track times and tactics accurately.

Power reserve built to last

The watch is built to reserve power for up to 72 hours. It has a sensor that notifies you if the power runs low and needs a recharge.


The Daytona Rolex Singaporean watch is waterproof to 100 meters/ 330 feet. It’s made from a monobloc Cerachrom bezel material, preventing it from corrosion and scratches. The metallic meteorite, which is natural and robust material from outer space, also prevents water from accessing its power system.

Assembled by hand to ensure state-of-the-art quality

The reason most Rolex watches are exceptionally quality-assuring is that they’re assembled by hand. The demand for these watches outpaces this capacity. Depending on your location, you will find these watches in leading online retailers at different prices.

In summary, the Daytona Rolex Singapore watch is built for motorcar racing, allowing drivers to accurately read time and make necessary moves to beat their opponents. Besides reading time, this watch is an ornament. It’s bling that any person with a taste for trendy items can wear. Not only is it durable, but it’s also super-smart. The best part about this watch is that it allows you to calculate the amount of time you’ve spent navigating a specific terrain. Considering all these benefits, it doesn’t take rocket science to understand its importance in motorcar racing.


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