Best Chic Wallpaper Ideas

 From modern nursery design to bold, bright kitchens, wallpaper is here to stay. If you want to upgrade your walls with an eye-catching pattern, look no further than these five chic ideas for your home.


Repeating motifs are the most common type of wallpaper pattern, but more and more homeowners are breaking from the mold by choosing wallpaper that showcases a beautiful mural or scene. This fits seamlessly with the current appetite for big, bold artwork. From abstract designs to scenes depicting nature, mural wallpaper gives your home an inspiring aesthetic drawn directly from the world of fine art. Some of the most sought-after designs look like they are pulled straight from an artist’s sketchbook from an intimate feel you won’t find replicated elsewhere.


OK, floral wallpaper isn’t exactly groundbreaking on its own. However, modern florals are a far cry from the tiny rose patterns of yesteryear. Large, splashy floral patterns are the look du jour, especially when rendered in vibrant jewel tones or muted, moody pastels. The latter look is fresh for your powder room or a nursery, while the former provides a visually arresting focal point in the kitchen, living room or front hall. For the latest in Palm Springs interior design, look for desert-inspired patterns or tropical motifs with resplendent greenery. Traditional small florals look cool in unexpected colors or with a bit of whimsy thrown in for good measure.

Geometric Graphics

All things 70s are back in a big way, and this retro-inspired style is more haute couture than Brady Bunch. Witness the architectural, structured appeal of wallpaper with busy shapes, strong lines and alluring angles that draw the eye and invigorate your space with an artful energy. For a modern spin, look for a pattern that evolves rather than staying the same on the entire wall. Crisp, clean form and classic colors keep this type of wallpaper from overwhelming. Try this look in a library or bedroom.

Bold Stripes

Another look from the past that’s never really gone out of style, stripes are a modern classic for every room. This linear wallpaper pattern has the added benefit of visually expanding small spaces. For stripes that look fresh rather than faded for years to come, opt for lines in varied widths, strong, true colors and warm neutrals. Kids and teens will love this fun but not too childish wallpaper.

Enticing Texture

From faux suede to warm wood to woven fabrics, texture is one of the most sought-after ways to update your home in 2019. With wallpaper, you can either opt for a finish that actually has texture or a trompe l’oeil design that provides the appearance of depth. Consider patterns featuring marble swirls, monochrome motifs, wood-look whorls or soft, supple shapes designed to mimic the feel of leather and suede. Silver and gold metallics add both texture and glamour, along with the Art Deco inspiration that represents another big design trend this year.

When you’re ready to get started, consult an interior design Los Angeles specialist. They can help you source one-of-a-kind wallpaper that will add personality and bring your home to life.


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