About Stacy Geisinger:

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About Stacy Geisinger:

I like to say I connect cool people to cool things!!!

Women love to shop, eat, stay healthy and laugh (and find places where they can do all those things). My blog is like that fun and trusted girlfriend who’s always sharing a deal and cheering you up. You may not get skinny and sane and smart just by reading it, but it sure can’t hurt!” Stacyknows is you one BFF to go to for everything.

Stacy Geisinger is the personality and infamous blogger behind Stacyknows.com, a lifestyle blogazine about who she knows, what she knows and where she wants to go. Stacyknows.com is the go to guide for all things hip and trendy in the suburbs of Westchester County. In high school, her school newspaper knew that Stacy was the go to girl for community news and trends, even

offering her a column called “Stacy’s Goodies.” In 2007, Stacy’s passion for sharing what she knew exploded with the launch of stacyknows.com. Within months, local community members kept asking Stacy to share news about their businesses with her reader base. Stacyknows.com quickly expanded to become one of the leading lifestyle blogazines in Westchester County, and today over 7,000 subscribe to her blog every month. Stacy’s goal is to expand her hyper local lifestyle blog into a national publishing platform. Stacy Geisinger, master connector, currently resides in Bedford, NY and summers in East Hampton.

The trick on life is to feel good about yourself. Stacyknows.com shares tips on diet, exercise, looking good and feeling good

About Stacyknows

Stacyknows website is an email subscription-based “blogozine.” Designed to provide fresh and unique editorial content, Stacyknows features recommendations for dining, cultural events, art, health, travel, style, beauty, books, products and more. What makes this blogozine so engaging is that Stacyknows speaks to the reader in Stacy’s personal voice. Stacy’s advice has been described as “equal parts humor and irreverence.” Stacy has been the “go to” girl her entire life, offering unique advice to her friends and colleagues.

People are talking about me again.

heck out my about.me profile!

Stacy gets the word out quickly and effectively about local products and events, and is a real connector!”

Heather Flournoy

Who She Knows & Where She Goes

“As a small business owner.. Networking is KEY!!! Knowing Stacy is a perfect networking tool. Stacy always works hard on behalf of clients, associates and basically everyone she comes in contact with. Stacy’s Blog..”Stacyknows” Not only features great products but all around great insight.. It’s great to know Stacy! Because “Stacyknows” !!!!!” April 12, 2010

Elise Wilkins

Partner , isABelt Ltd. Elise@isABelt.com

”It pays to know Stacy”…Stacy is the ultimate networking person – always working hard on behalf of clients, associates and basically anyone she comes in contact with. I recently received a referral from a woman who went on a cruise with Stacy!! Imagine that – being on vacation and still always thinking of who she can connect. The Stacyknows Blog has featured Gift Baskets from our company and I am pleased to say drove traffic to our website and generated sales. What more can I say – “It pays to know Stacy!”” March 30, 2010

Rose Cabasso Colonna

President , Tasteful Treats & Treasures Gift Baskets

“When we launched our first set of Core Fusion DVD’s, Stacyknows exposed them and sold them to a wide audience of her followers. Her followers trust her because she produces consistent results. thanks, fred devito” March 27, 2010

Top qualities: Personable , High Integrity , Creative

Fred DeVito

“I receive Stacy’s “blogozine”, StacyKnows, regularly. The hard work and time that go into it are obvious. Stacy is chock full of information that she divulges purely for the benefit of others. Whether you’re looking for a restaurant recommendation or a simple recipe, the latest in fashion or just pure comfort, the hottest music, the best show, how to save a buck on just about anything and what deserving charity really could use that buck that you saved; Stacy seems to provide it all. There is something for almost everyone in every issue. Subscribe to her “blogozine” for information, for recommendations or just for the fun of it. It’s all there.” March 25, 2010

Michael Balkind

Author , Sterlinghouse

“Stacy really “knows” everything well-heeled women in this area “need to” and “want to” know. Stacyknows is the “bible” for many — looked forward to and well read. She has featured items on Stacyknows related to my restaurant; they had clearly driven response and sales. Stacy is also a great person, kind, collaborative, creative and community minded.” March 24, 2010

Fool-Proof Tips for the Shy Girl

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Fool-Proof Tips for the Shy Girl

Stacy Geisinger’s witty brand of Bedford-based blog-speak cheats followers out of actually hearing her “Bayside-Big Apple sound” in person. Geisinger was early to the blog scene, with stacyknows.com, and built her own brand by remaining true to herself and her interests—and now she claims to have “the second largest Twitter following in Bedford after Martha Stewart.”

How did you first come to Bedford?

We used to to to Nino’s twice a week. One night on our way to the restaurant, there was a fire at St. Patrick’s School and we got detoured and were struck by the beauty of the dirt roads. The next week we got engaged and began looking for a house.

How did your blog come about?

As the “go to girl” and organizer in my group of girlfriends, I was always hanging out on the Internet, playing games, and shopping. One day a friend asked if I knew where she could get a pair of shoes before 10 a.m. and my friend Gayle chanted, “Stacy knows.” I immediately went home and saved stacyknows.com.

What makes a good blog?

A good blog builds reputation over time. I started off writing my own articles about anything and everything in Bedford. Blogs give advertisers repeat exposure and they get more for their money. We don’t always check our mailbox at the end of the driveway every day, but we do check our online mail over and over.

Where have you been featured?

I have been on Dr. Oz and “Today.” CBS’s Hazel Sanchez interviewed me about the hot book Fifty Shades of Grey. The Times Magazine did a piece.

Are you making money?

I have been monetizing Stacyknows through advertisers, plus a little affiliate marketing. I couldn’t pay all my bills on what the blog generates, but I call it “an allowance.”

What is a perk of a popular blog?

The next new social media tool is Pinterest. I was pinning a set of orange bangles under a heading “jewelry I would wear.” Days later the bangles showed up at my house with a note, “Wouldn’t it be great if everything you pinned showed up at your door?” They were made by local designer Amy Fine. Sending them was her “thank you.”

Talk about friends.

I met so many of my friends through my son’s school days at Bedford Village Elementary. But I have made so many through my blog.

Do you consider yourself a girly girl?

I am totally a girly girl. I love shopping and cosmetics and hanging out with my friends.

Where is your favorite place to eat?

I get paid to eat and not to eat. Everyone wants me to try their diet program and their restaurants. I love breakfast at the Bedford Post. We frequent Primavera, Kittle House, Village Social, and Nino’s.

Now that you have an empty nest, don’t you have more time for “romance” with your husband, or does the blog cut in?

I seem to know more about making passionate love now that I have a blog, not necessarily because I have an empty nest. Next question?

Neiman Marcus Westchester & Stacy Geisinger Host VIP Fashion Show with David Meister

The Nightfly couldn’t resist dishing on a VIP Fashion show hosted by blogger Stacy Geisinger of Stacyknows stacyknows.com on March 23 at Neiman Marcus Westchester. Geisinger and David Meister hosted a VIP brunch reception and fashion presentation featuring David Meisters Spring 2012 Collection. Sixty five of Stacy’s friends (including the Nightfly—who, full disclosure, is helping Geisinger build her brand) attended the event. The highlight of the show? When Geisinger asked David Meister what dress was best to wear on a “sexy” date night. Three women purchased the orange dress (see photo below) Meister suggested!


Stacyknows in The magazine of yoga

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Stacyknows in The magazine of yoga

The Magazine of Yoga

3×5: Stacy Geisinger, Stacyknows.com

Photo: © The Magazine of Yoga

I learn by doing. I jump in with both feet.


Website Stacyknows.com

The Magazine of Yoga 3×5 Interview


What is the task you like to do best in your work?

The best part of my work is meet so many new people.

What housework or domestic detail is most satisfying to do?

I love to cook a new recipe for my family and friends.

What in light of your experience in life, should we not waste time on or worry about?

Don’t worry about being perfect. It’s just never going to happen.


How do you celebrate?

I celebrate by being with the friends I like the most eating, drinking and dancing.

How do you learn?

I learn by doing. I jump in with both feet. Don’t have patience for reading. Although, I hope you read my blog www.Stacyknows.com

How do you prepare to do something?


Do you have a nemesis?

Sure, just don’t tell anyone.

Do you have a vocation?

I am a connector.

Do you have a plan?

I have lots and lots of plans, just not sure if I am going to get to them all.


Favorite magazine?


Favorite work beverage?

Black coffee.

Favorite relax thing?

Favorite relax thing?


5 things about your workspace that make it good

  1. work from my bed so…
  2. pillows
  3. sheets
  4. my laptop
  5. wifi
  6. my wheaten terrier, Sophie

5 people you want to collaborate with

  1. Mark Zuckerberg
  2. Susie Essman
  3. My mother
  4. Ina Garten – The Barefoot Contessa
  5. Ari Gold

5 songs from your current playlist

  1. Moves like Jagger, Adam Levine
  2. Love you like a love song, Selena Gomez
  3. Pumped up kicks, torches
  4. Rolling in the deep, Adele
  5. Sexy and I know it, lmfao

Inside Chappaqua Knows Stacyknows

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24Apr, 2011

Inside Chappaqua Knows Stacyknows

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I want to thank Inside Chappaua Magazine for including me in their cover story.

Every group of  girlfriends has one–the “go-to” gal. She’s the one that knows where to go, what to do and how to get anything done.

Even from the earliest age, Stacy Geisinger, was that girl. “I was always the social type,” says Geisinger. “And, I’ve been known to have an opinion.” What’s more, Geisinger, who hails from Bayside, Queens, has a fabulous sense of humor. Who wouldn’t want to hear what she has to say?

Although she’s been living in bucolic Bedford for more than 20 years, you can still hear that city energy in her voice. Yet, this grown woman, whose only son,Alexander, is in college, has surprisingly found herself at the helm of StacyKnows.com, the fast-growing blog that covers everything Stacy knows and then some. If you’d like a great tip or want to know what’s new in the world of beauty, fashion, shopping, music, travel, food, drink, charity or more, just ask Stacy. There’s usually no need for questions because Geisinger fuels her site regularly with everything you want to know and beyond.

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Great Connections at Chapin Hill’s Breakfast Club at Bedford Lighting and

Home (stacyknows.com)