The Truth About How Much Coffee is Too Much

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Coffee can be a great benefit to your health and your focus while tasting good too. Yet sometimes one can drink too much coffee in one day. The added boost of caffeine definitely gets me to start drinking coffee throughout my day, but when I’ve had too many, it begins to take its toll, sometimes making me feel worse than I would have had I not drank any coffee at all. That’s why I’ve decided to discover the truth about how much coffee is too much.

Too Many Cups Of Coffee

The caffeine in a cup of coffee can give you a much needed energy boost and allow you to hone in your focus on the tasks ahead. And while drinking one to three cups of coffee a day can give you several health benefits, more than that can cause adverse effects.

Taking in too much caffeine can cause jitteriness and nervousness as well as an elevated heart rate. According to Reader’s Digest, drinking too much coffee can leave you feeling anxious, having stomach pains, leaving your heart racing, giving you diarrhea, loss of sleep, jitters, and even headaches.

While this might seem a little troubling, these symptoms will appear determined on your caffeine sensitivity. If you are like me and drink one to two cups a day, your caffeine tolerance for that amount of coffee is just fine. However, if I increased my intake to say, double or even triple that amount, I would begin to experience the symptoms described in Reader’s Digest. No fun at all!

If you can’t help but need or even want to drink lots of coffee each day for the added boost of caffeine, maybe you could consider switching to drinking espresso. Espresso machines will allow you to intake a small amount of delicious caffeine without overdoing it. Adding an espresso or coffee machine to your home or office can even help you stop drinking too much coffee.

Although caffeine and coffee in general offer many health benefits, one should think twice before overdoing it. The disadvantages of drinking too much coffee can ruin your day and your work flow instead of making it better. Give yourself balance when you drink your coffee or espresso and try to keep your intake to a healthy limit. Not only will you avoid the adverse effects, you will keep your caffeine tolerance lower which will allow you to feel that caffeine boost easier.



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