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With their emergence in interior architecture, we too, have been charmed with the silent pitter patter of quaint indoor wall fountains. In addition to priceless canvases and framed pictures on our walls, indoor wall fountains emerged as ornate embellishments, and landed their compliments within the definition of ‘art’. Indoor wall fountains not only attract attention towards their beauty, but they are also known to largely affect the room’s humidification with a sound cleansing effect.

While you’re busy going through several pieces of art at your favorite home décor store, we would like to highly recommend you to establish a unique feature in your home by catering to the veritable assortment of indoor wall fountains from the pros, of course. Mentioned below are three important factors that you need to keep in mind before purchasing an indoor wall fountain for your home.



You can’t just choose any wall-mounted fountain because you’d want your room to embrace atypical waterfalls. The colour theme and the furniture of your room play a major role in this decision and could help facilitate your choices as well. Most rooms would look quaint with a mirror indoor wall fountain while your art gallery, museum or homeroom could deal with an art wall-mounted indoor fountain as well.

Victorian and mid-century furniture or an interior with nautical wood or loud and bright themes pose no threat or hindrance towards mirror indoor wall fountains. Make sure your room is spacious, and the indoor wall fountain is not crowded with furniture or obnoxious lighting. For best results, place a vase with tall stems and flowers or a potted, tall green plant beside the indoor wall fountain.



Before you go ahead and pick the indoor wall fountain you adore, you have to pick the room and subsequently, an ideal wall where you’d want to have it fixed. For choosing the wall, you have to keep a couple of pointers in mind. It will be a too eyesore if you plan on fixing an indoor wall fountain between huge picture frames or between two gigantic windows with less space to boot.

Having windows or frames pose no ordeal, but it will be ideal if you choose a wall which is either bare or has a lot of space from the two so that the indoor wall fountain wouldn’t look clumped in and totally bizarre.




While choosing a wall, make sure that the wall has adequate electrical wiring or have your electrician for the job. Also, with mirror indoor wall fountains, windows can tend to be a problem if the position of either one isn’t appropriate. Since mirror indoor wall fountains pose a lot of reflection, you could wind up with a lot of trouble since the person sitting across could get annoyed with blinding glares.


Apart from their high demand, these indoor wall fountains accentuate the entire room and compliment the furniture as well.  From an assortment of marble, slate, mirror and art wall fountains, we have dedicated our hearts to the latter due to its versatility, and surely, it’s no wonder why.  For your offices and corporate buildings, have a logo indoor wall fountain installed and help maintain the aesthetic even while working.