Great Party Themes You Should Use at Your Next Shindig

Posted By Stacy |


Are you looking to throw a raucous celebration? Need ways to turn a normal get-together into a party your guests will talk about for years to come? Settle on a party theme and take your soiree from good to great. If you want a party that makes an impression, you can’t go wrong with a themed dress code. It brings a little something extra to the most celebratory occasions, and it makes for fantastic party photos. If you’re brainstorming theme ideas for your next get together, keep the following options in mind.

A Blast from the 80s Past

There’s something about 80s fashion that just takes the festivities up a notch. Could you think of a more “totally awesome” time? A good 80s party tends to be a crowd pleaser, and it’s one of the easiest themes to dress and decorate for. Get some gold and silver stretchy pants (perfect for all those dance moves), tease up that hair to new heights, and grab some great high-tops to stay in style. Need a great 80s outfit idea for your special guy? Be sure to grab some colorful suit jackets from a local thrift store to make for a memorable ensemble.


Hit the Fairway

Do you have a golf lover in the family? Maybe your friends can be found most often on the fairway. If either of these statements ring true, you can’t go wrong with a golf-themed party. Fun, easy, and bright as all get out, modeling your next shindig off of one of America’s favorite pastimes is sure to impress. From bright pastel polo shirts, argyle socks and skorts (that good old skirt-and-shorts combo), and golfer caps galore, you’ve got plenty of apparel options to choose from. Invest in a mobile putting green and come up with a great prize for the putting winner—a gift certificate to your local country club’s course is sure to be appreciated.

Luau Get Together

Want to bring the vibes of the island to your backyard? Consider throwing a delightful luau. You don’t have to be Hawaiian to immerse yourself in this lovely culture. Throw together a pu pu platter (that’s appetizers for you non-islanders), don an inexpensive hula skirt from the 99 Cent Store, and put tiki torches around your backyard for a laidback, island-worthy atmosphere. You might not be ready to roast a hog on a spit in the backyard—you can still get the flavors of the island. Check out an island grill like Chris’ Ono Grinds and have your party catered. Serve some delicious drinks in hollowed out coconuts or pineapples, and don an easy breezy Hawaiian shirt found at your local thrift shop.

Seasonal Parties

Want a party that’s easy to throw and even easier to dress for? Turn the season into your soiree’s theme. If you’re in the dead of winter, a Winter Wonderland party is sure to be a smash. Pull out the tinsel, gingerbread cookies, and make some fake snow for your guests to revel in. Perhaps you’re mid-summer; a Shakespeare Midsummer’s Night Dream fete will guarantee a good time. There are year-round seasonal party ideas that will make your festivities timely and delightful.


American Pride

Regardless of what’s going on in the world of politics, if you’re proud to be an American, you might consider a patriotic themed get-together. This is one of the easiest options, and the perfect fit if your next get-together is in honor of Independence Day. Need something great for your hubby? He’ll go gaga for these hilarious Tipsy Elves men’s American flag shorts. Decorating for an American-themed party is simple—just stick to red, white, and blue and you’re golden. A backyard barbecue is a time honored American tradition, and makes meal prep easy as can be.

Earning the moniker “Hostess with the Mostess” is easy with the right themes. Keep these awesome ideas in mind before you send out the invites and throw a party your friends and family will love.