Four Things NOT to Pack in Your Hand Luggage

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The planning phase is a huge part when going travelling so learning how to pack effectively will be an essential requirement for a smooth trip. Most of us are wise to only travelling with the necessities in our luggage but often we are surprised by what some people will attempt to take in a carry-on bag. Like really! If you are only taking hand luggage with you on a trip, it can be an even harder to dissect your belongings down to only essentials. Especially when us ladies have all our liquids/makeup to take with us. Packing hand luggage is all about adjusting to your limits, are you ready to perfect it?


Things to not pack in your hand luggage


Over 100ml liquids

Only pack liquids that are under 100ml and display them in a clear toiletries bag. If you don’t have a clear bag, they are available upon your entry to the security section of airports. However spending time transferring your cosmetics will only be a time waster as ideally this is something you can prepare in advance. You always have the option to buy travel sized toiletries which can also be purchased at any chemist or at the airport.


Any Dangerous objects

It may be hard to define a dangerous object apart from the blatantly obvious. So yes no sharp or threating objects like knives/guns. You may be surprised to hear that even a small nail scissors or razor blades aren’t allowed in your carry on.  They do however make an exception for disposable razor blades. If you are questioning the item you are packing, it is possibly best to not pack it. You don’t want to have to throw out any items at the airport after all!


Sporting Equipment

Basically any piece of sporting equipment that includes a stick/bat will not be permitted on as carry-on luggage on a plane. This kind of equipment can of course be put underneath the plane if you do need/wish to carry it for your travels.


Food and Beverages

Most countries will prohibit you from entry if you try to take in meats, fruits, plant based and agricultural products. If you do have a bottle of water upon entry to the security section they will make you drink it or throw it away before you go through the security process. It is best to wait to get food and drinks after you have gone through security and consuming it on the plane.

To fuel your knowledge with more reliable travel tips, you will find more relevant information here.


Remember that most items you may want to pack into your carry-on will be available in the destinations you are travelling to. As long as you have packed the passport, wallet and your wearing some form of clothing. Well you are pretty much good to go! You can always consult with your airline prior to travelling to check what items are prohibited within you carry on. All that is left to do now is board that flight and enjoy travelling light!


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