5 types of Extreme Narcissists whose behavior can harm

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In today’s selfie-obsessed culture, it seems everyone’s a “narcissist.” But author, news commentator and psychotherapist Joseph Burgo, Ph.D, cautions that the word ‘narcissism’ has all but lost its meaning.  And this can be dangerous when we failto recognize that some people’s narcissistic traits pose a serious threat to those around them.

Joe explains in his new book The Narcissist You Know  , that these individuals are “Extreme Narcissists.”  And there are 5 specific types of Extreme Narcissists you may encounter in your daily life, to your equally extreme detriment:

  • The Bullying Narcissist — Builds up his or her self-image by persecuting you and making you feel like a loser (Lance Armstrong).
  • The Seductive Narcissist — Makes you feel good about yourself, as if you’re a winner, in order to secure your admiration … then dumps you (Madonna).
  • The Know-It-All Narcissist  — Constantly demonstrates superior knowledge in order to make others feel ignorant, uninformed, and inferior (Steve Jobs).
  • The Vindictive Narcissist — When challenged or wounded, will do everything possible to destroy the perceived cause of shame (Sarah Palin, Donald Trump).
  • The Addicted Narcissist — Seeks fulfillment of an idealized self through drugs, sex, or fantasy, in ways that are often invisible to outsiders (Michael Jackson).

This bullying, vindictive behavior can wreak professional, financial and emotional havoc on its victims — even destroy their lives.