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Photo courtesy Camp Walden, Diamond Point, NY.

Photo courtesy Camp Walden, Diamond Point, NY.

Choosing a sleepaway camp can be almost as challenging as finding the perfect black dress.

According to the American Camp Association, there are more than 13,000 sleepaway camps from which to choose. Luckily, we came across a great resource.

There’s a new website called The Camp Insider,


Developed by magazine editors, Lisa Siglag and Anastasia Pleasant, this well-designed site is one of the few camp resources that does not receive any fees from camps to list. Therefore, you can get a straightforward account of what the camp is all about.

The Camp Insider compares prices, how many kids and how many counselors in the bunk, health and safety features, and unique activities. We all know that almost every camp has baseball and arts and crafts, but do they have a skate park or a circus?

Our favorite feature of The Camp Insider: Demographics By the Buses.

If you want to know where the kids come from, this is the section to check out. Plus, all those questions that you may not want to ask a camp director, The Camp Insider has taken care of it for you.

Some of the questions include: Are girls allowed to wear bikinis? Is there a doctor on staff? And how is bullying handled? So, whether you want a low-key camp or one that’s high-energy, check out The Camp Insider to start your research process.