Step into the sun with Kusmi Iced Teas!

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Love tea, but not in the heat? When temperatures climb and iced treats are all the rage, Kusmi Tea of Paris wants to be sure that all your favorite blends are still able to be enjoyed with their Kusmi Iced Teas! A selection of 12 flavored blends that take just 5 minutes to prepare, Kusmi Iced Teas are a mix of exclusive and wellness blends together in a single box for an ice cool summer! Exact proportions are all ready for lazy day consumption (no scoops required), and feature 24 hand-sewn muslin tea bags (2 sachets per blend) including best-seller Detox, Anastasia, Boost, Genmaicha, Imperial Blend, Kashmir Tchai, Strawberry green tea, Ginger-lemon green tea, Spearmint green tea, Sweet Love and Rose green tea.

A fashion staple in Europe, Kusmi Tea features blends crafted from the finest natural ingredients in the world, making each blend distinct and delicious. Over the past 140 years, Kusmi Tea has perfected the art of blending unique teas distinguished by their exceptional flavor, aroma and quality. Invigorating to all senses, each aspect is glorified by master blenders at Kusmi, ensuring the smallest details is never overlooked.





–Parisian Tea House Introduces Iced Teas to Collection-

Kusmi Tea of Paris, a brand known for its

traditional Russian style teas for the last

140 years, is delighted to introduce Kusmi Iced Teas

and a recipe for making iced tea in only five minutes. Kusmi Iced Teas are packaged in a

unique “frosted” box containing 12 blends

of flavored tea.


Kusmi Iced Teas take just five minutes to

prepare. To follow their recipe, infuse two

sachets of Kusmi Tea in one cup of simmering

water for three to four minutes. Pour the tea

into a four-cup pitcher filled three-fourths with

ice and mix well.

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