Stacyknows: My Five Favorite Things About Bedford

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I was recently featured in The Bedford Daily Voice.  Big thanks to Liz Button For Featuring me.


Twenty-three year Bedford resident Stacy Geisinger, creator of Stacyknows, a lifestyle “blogazine,” is the fourth most followed person on Twitter based in Westchester, she said.
Her blog, a guide to all that is hip and trendy in Westchester County, is a popular go-to for information on dining, culture, art, shopping, charity events, health and beauty and travel.
“There are advantages here that you could not get anywhere else,” Geisinger said. “Someone once told me when you live somewhere you never know how long you’re going to live there, so you should always take advantage of everything in that town.”
Geisinger, a consummate consumer, cited gift shop Ebba, clothier Toney Toni and the Gang, Bedford Gourmet, the Bedford Post Inn (formerly Nino’s) and Table Local Market as some of her Bedford favorites.
The Bedford Daily Voice caught up with Geisinger and asked her to name five favorite things about her hometown:
1) Beautiful views, especially in fall
“The best thing about living in Bedford is that you don’t have to go to Vermont. The leaves changing on Guard Hill Road are the prettiest things ever. You don’t really have to go anywhere. You just wake up and it’s beautiful. Truly, Bedford is one of the prettiest places I’ve ever been, and I’ve been to a lot of places.”
2) A taste of Americana
“When you go to a football game at Fox Lane— my son played on the football team for four years— you really feel like you’re in America. Bedford is very American. It’s got a very New England feel.”
3) Friendly people and a small-town atmosphere
Bedford is a friendly and interesting place where, Geisinger said, “You’re just as likely to get an invitation in the mail as you are from a person on a horse,” something that actually has happened to her. And, she said, Bedford’s small size lends itself to constant impromptu reunions with friends.
4) Meme’s Treats Bakery
“I truly try my best to avoid it because it’s so good. Cookies are my downfall,” said Geisinger, specifically the chocolate chip cookies at Meme’s and the oatmeal cherry cookies at Willie Nick’s. “They really call me. I hear them every day.”
5) Celebrities everywhere you turn
“I live on the road where ‘Fatal Attraction’ was filmed and live in between Michael Douglas and Glenn Close [the movie’s two stars]. It’s crazy. ‘Fatal Attraction’ was filmed on Guard Hill Road … It’s amazing: within a mile, they’re both there.”
Geisinger also mentioned attending an event at Martha Stewart’s home thrown by the Bedford Historical Society. And the house? “It’s ginormous,” she said.