Perfect Summer Cocktails: The Cool as a Cucumber & The South Side

Posted By Stacy |
Summer’s finally here – time to head outdoors, whether it’s for a July 4th BBQ, a day at the beach, or a picturesque picnic in the park.  The kids will sip their lemonade, but grown-ups deserve something a little refreshing, too.  Here are two cocktails that I’m looking forward to sipping this sweltering season: the Cool as a Cucumber and the South Side.
The South Side, a staple at one of my local watering holes — the legendary Maidstone in East Hampton — is a refreshing twist on the classic gin cocktail. Fresh mint sprigs, juicy lime wedges, and Purity Vodka – what could be better?
1.5 oz Purity Vodka
2 oz fresh lime juice
.5 oz simple syrup
Fresh mint sprigs
Shake vigorously in a mixing glass; strain.  Add additional sprig for garnish.
As served at The Maidstone East Hampton

And, perfectly chilled with a crisp cucumber essence, a splash of absinthe, and a base of ultra-premium Purity Vodka, the Cool as a Cucumber is the perfect complement to any summer day — or night.  

3 oz Purity Vodka
1 oz cucumber water
.25 oz absinthe
Cucumber garnish
Rinse mixing glass with absinthe.  Shake out excess.  Combine vodka and cucumber water over ice in a mixing glass.  Stir and strain into a chilled cocktail glass.
Cucumber Water
2 cups diced cucumber
4 cups water
Combine ingredients and refrigerate overnight (stir regularly). Strain and keep chilled.
Created by Master Blender Thomas Kuuttanen for Purity Vodka