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Fashion expert and Health magazine contributor Stacy London recently sat down with Health.com to dish on everything from the biggest fashion faux pas to her number one personal style rule. Highlights from the interview are below. To celebrate the nationwide launch of her consultant company Style for Hire, Stacy and her team are offering exclusive style secrets to Health readers via a special Pinterest board and two Facebook chats. Two of the top stylists on Stacy’s Style for Hire team, representing East and West Coast style, will join readers on Health.com’s Facebook page at 1:00p.m. E.S.T. this afternoon, and on Friday, May 18th at noon E.S.T.


On her golden rule for looking your best…

“Personal style is about self expression and authenticity. It’s a tool you can use to gain confidence, achieve goals, and project the version of yourself that you want people to see. Be true to yourself. If you are wearing clothes that suit your body, age, lifestyle, and personality then it doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the latest trend. You will always look good because you will look like the best version of yourself.”


On the one trend she was happy to see go away…

“If I never see another 80’s primary colored ‘power suit’ with enormous shoulder pads, and dowdy shapes, I’d be a happy woman.”


On the biggest fashion faux pas she sees most often…

“The biggest issue I see with women is not having their own sense of style. They are so overwhelmed with choices in the marketplace, from magazines to TV ads, that they don’t know how, or don’t have the time to make educated choices.”


When asked what she keeps in her gym bag and makeup bag…

“I don’t own a gym bag!”



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On slimming colors…

“Black isn’t the only color that can slim you down. Try other dark neutrals like navy, eggplant, or forest green.”


On the one piece you should own to appear slimmer…

“Wearing a dress with a defined waist is the best way to dress thinner. It highlights the smallest part of a woman’s body, which makes 10 pounds disappear like magic.”

Source: health.com via Health on Pinterest


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