How to Enjoy Sex Again!

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Ok I’ll admit it… I have been known to run out to buy a box of donuts even in a snow storm.  You know when you just have to have your sweets?  Nothing else really matters does it?  You just become obsessed with what to eat and where to go to get it.  Often, I would have eaten a package of Twinkies while thinking about what to eat next…that’s about 300 calories in my body that I wasn’t even realizing I was eating because I was focused on what to eat next.


I remember all those times I was just praying my husband wouldn’t want to have sex because then he’d have to touch my body and he would gain access to all the effects of the junk food I chowed down on within the past week that had me gain 5-7 pounds in no time.


 What a terrible feeling…being so in love with someone and wanting him to steer clear of my body because I felt disgusting.  And because of all I did to myself with food, I would lash out at him “STOP IT!” if he would walk by me and grab my butt…as though HE did something wrong when really all my anger was from my own feelings of depression and frustration  of being a binge eater.  

Oh but the joys of overeating!  


I just loved bagels with cream cheese, buttered rolls, pizza, chocolate in all forms and pretty much ate anything other than liver or oysters.  But those joys of really stuffing myself were not so funny when I would go up 30-40 pounds in a matter of a few months.  Then the hard part would come…having to go on a strict diet to lose all that weight, and depriving myself of all the goodies I so enjoyed.  

After 45 years of doing this, up and down yo-yo dieting, I finally figured out a way to stop the madness.  I got myself off the binge eating rollercoaster and started living again.  I reclaimed my life by learning how to eat whatever I wanted in moderation so I never feel deprived and never feel the urge to binge.


 Life is certainly filled with unlimited possibilities now that I don’t have to spend my whole day focusing on food and what to eat next.  It’s amazing how something so simple seemed elusive to me for so long.

I started sharing my method with some other women to see if they could get results for themselves and they stopped binge eating right away as well!  To learn more on the subject I became certified as a Food Psychology Coach through the Spencer Institute and I’ve now written a book called “Stop Binge Eating and Start Living Again.” In addition, I offer an intensive 30 day One-on-One Coaching Program for people who want a more personal approach.
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Gotta go now…my husband is waiting for me upstairs!! ☺  


 “You too can discover the solution to food addiction

, eliminate cravings, avoid overeating, and get control over your life,

 even if you think you’ve tried everything”

  • Learning to love the twinkle in your husband’s eyes instead of the twinkles is monumental. Sounds to me like you have really learned how to eat to live rather than live to eat and appreciate all the other things that are wonderful in your life. Thank you for your willingness to share your experiences and your program.