MeMe’s Treats Bakery in Bedford Hills

Posted By Stacy |

There I was at the Bedford Hills post office, renewing my passport, when in the sweltering 90 degree heat I spotted a woman across the street coming out of the cutest little shop sipping a refreshingly delicious iced coffee.  I quickly finished up and zipped across the street.  When I got there, I realized the little shop was MeMe’s Treats new bakery.  It was just about a year ago when I happened upon MeMe’s Treats original bake shop and their crazy delicious cookies.  Now I’m in double trouble and my willpower (did I say “willpower”) is fading fast.  Owner, Dawn White, has expanded her menu with so much more than cookies…all homemade in their Mt. Kisco kitchen.  There are gorgeous cakes, pastries, mini pies, lo-fat frozen yogurt and more.  And as if that isn’t temptation enough they even serve up their own homemade Gelato!  Looks like I’ll be spending a bit more time on the workout trail so I can savor their crazy delicious treats.  And, if you’re looking for the ultimate kid’s birthday party, MeMe’s Treats hosts baking-themed parties in their kitchen and they can create one for you.  So be sure to check them out for your next sweet craving.  You’ll be yummy glad you did!