What Your Kids Should Be Learning in College 101

Posted By Stacy |
Ever ask yourself what courses your kids need to be taking at college? Are you wondering what skills they will need to succeed? In this tough economy, all parents want to get the most out of their hard earned investment in their children’s education. Moreover, they want their students to succeed.
Yes, your students need solid training in your field of choice. However, as, Harvard professor, N. Gregory Mankiw discussed in his article,  A Course Load for the Game of Life, that is not all they will need to be a resounding success.
I agree – and as a Workplace Psychologist I also suggest they gain training or experience in a few other areas as well.
The top choices:
  • Statistics – At least a basic course is a must. Students need to know their way around a data set, as the business world runs on analytics.
  • Economics – Basic micro and macro economics courses will help students understand how the world of supply & demand operates.
  • Finance – Understanding a balance sheet (and a bank statement for that matter) is a skill we all need. Early exposure to these concepts will help down the career road and life in general.
  • Idea Management- Students should value their own ideas – and become innovators. Students should learn to record moments of inspiration and develop ideas further.
  • Proposal Development – Knowing how to develop an idea clearly and prove its worth is an n important skill… Students should master the one-page proposal, and learn how to present it to a decision maker.
  • Project Management – Knowing how to specify tasks required for project completion will help them in all types of work environments.
  • Team Skills – This skill is a real deal breaker for many employers. If an employee can’t function collaboratively it will impede their career. Students should seek an honest evaluation as to how they function on a team and work on problem areas.
Acquiring all of these skills requires effort. But, becoming a well rounded employee is one key to succeeding in the workplace.
Dr. Marla Gottschalk is a Workplace psychologist, focusing on career and organizational development. You can contact her practice at  marlagottschalk@comcast.net  .