What Is A Pick Up Artist?

Posted By Stacy |

You see the guy from across the room. He is leaning back on the bar,
with his arms resting on the bar and his legs stretched out in front
of him. He is relaxed and takes up a lot of space in a nonchalant

Men and women surround him. They are all watching him and following
his lead. If he cracks a joke, everyone laughs. If someone says
something inappropriate, all eyes go to him to see how he reacts. If
he laughs it off, so does everyone else. If he gets angry, everyone
else gets outraged as well.

When he approaches a woman, he does so in a way that makes her feel
that he is a man and she is a woman he is interested in. He doesn’t
act apologetic and he doesn’t get angry if for some reason she turns
him down.

If he decides it’s time to move locations, everyone agrees. Nobody in
the group interrupts him, but on the other hand, nobody minds when he
does the interrupting.

Women around the room watch him. He is the alpha male. He oozes
confidence and masculinity. He is a take-charge kind of guy.

There is something about him, charisma, confidence, or something else
that makes him different than everyone else. At first glance, you
might not realize that he is an accomplished pickup artist. That is
because in some circles being a pick up artist (also known as a PUA) has gotten a bad rap.

That’s because many people don’t realize that the best pickup artists
are not the ones who appear to be pickup artists. The best pickup
artists are the guys who act with honesty and integrity in every

Becoming a pickup artist does not mean being entertaining or witty or
knowing the right lines to say to a woman.

What it does mean is having the ability to attract women. It means
having worked to be the best man you can be so that you are offering
your best to everyone you come across.

It is a way of being your best self. You are not trying to be someone
else or imitate someone else’s behavior. You are perfecting who you
are naturally and polishing that persona so that you are confident and

The journey to becoming a pickup artist may involve learning some tips
and techniques on how to attract women. It most likely will mean you
have to deal with the fear of rejection and learn just what women

The secret to becoming a pick up artist is knowledge. It is an
education. It is a learning experience. It is not only learning about
women, it is learning about yourself.

You probably shouldn’t concentrate on picking up women until you have
worked on becoming the best man you can be. Get your physical,
emotional, mental, and financial houses in order first.

Expend your energy now on being the best man you can be and then when
you go out to meet women, you will be prepared and will be a natural,
authentic man who will be offering your best to the world.

When you become a true pick up artist, you are essentially being your
natural self 100 percent of the time. You have realized that you are
worthy of amazing women and an amazing life and you want to share that
with others.

Sometimes the journey to becoming a pick up artist is a long one. It
might involve some serious and heavy self-analysis and some major life
changes to become the man you’ve always wanted to be. But once you’ve
taken that step and are able to be your natural, authentic, best self,
you will attract more women than you ever dreamed.


Thanks Bill Preston for this guest post. Bill Preston has been a professional dating coach for the last 5 years
in NYC, teaching thousands of guys how to improve their dating and
social life.