Massages, Beauty, Health, Bellydancing For Free if You Know Stacyknows

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Born from the desire to combine information we seek, refreshment we need, and fun we all enjoy, Event Director Jerushah Gracey decide to bring them all together in one evening allowing those working during the day to be able to attend the party after work hours. The event combines information, rejuvenation and enjoyment all in one package. The Natural Health Beauty Event seeks to encourage people interested in Beauty and Health to try out disciplines and modalities they might not have taken advantage of previously due to time or monetary constraints.
From bellydancing, healthy manicures, a Zumba class, henna design, Bowen, raw eating, Acupuncture and plenty of other interests, jump right in and participate in all of the events that peak your curiosity. Consult with experts, enjoy the professional bellydance performance and have fun shopping with vendors offering various wares like candles, supplements, hair products and more, all without the usual chemicals.

We’re offering free tickets for Stacyknows readers. To claim yours just go to the following link: