IntenSati at B East

Posted By Stacy |

Yesterday, I tried Intensati  (the name is a blend of “intention” plus “sati,” or “mindfulness” in Sanskrit)
at B East in Amagansett, taught by  the very energetic and inspiring Natalia Petrzela  . It is a mix of aerobics, kickboxing and yoga.   Simple aerobic moves, while shout positive affirmations make this inspirational workout a must do for absolutely everyone.  I highly recommend it. It left me exhilarated, smiling and raring to take on the rest of my day. 11 hours later, wow, my legs really feel it. The positive affirmations absolutely distracted me from my usual “I’m bored, tired, out of breath” or whatever. Really a great workout and a spirit lifter . Words such as , focus,  gratitude, champion, and  faith stay with you all day long.

If you’re looking for a feel-good start to your day, this class has got it. If you’re struggling with depression or going through a rough patch, intenSati may provide you the boost of confidence you need to get back on a positive path.

This class fills quickly so book your spot now!!!!