Bye-Bye Vinegar: How Clean is your Coffee Machine?

Posted By Stacy |

According to the National Coffee Association’s 2011 report, “National Coffee Drinking Trends,” at home consumption of coffee is up. Over 50% of all adults drink coffee and, of those, 85% report they prepared coffee at home.




Many of these devoted coffee aficionados own top-of-the-line coffee and espresso makers, including models from Technivorm Moccamaster, Miele, Nespresso, Cuisnart and Breville, purchased from well-respected retailers such as Williams-Sonoma. They buy gourmet beans, which they grind themselves, and take pride in knowing how to brew a perfect cup of coffee or espresso. But, these same well-informed coffee lovers may be unpleasantly surprised to learn that coffee maker reservoirs ranked as the fifth germiest item in the home today (May 2011 NSF International study, “Germiest Places in the Home”).




“Too many people overlook their coffee machine during their cleaning regime or use the wrong products,” says Kofi Amoako, Technical Director of Full Circle at Urnex. “Regular soap and traditional methods (such as vinegar and water) are inadequate to remove the deposited coffee oils that quickly accumulate. This oily residue, along with build-up of mold, minerals and lime deposits, is also the source of bitter tasting coffee and problems related to equipment malfunction.”




Those who savor a consistently great cup of coffee will appreciate the convenience of using the Full Circle products that clean coffee and espresso equipment in the same amount of time it takes to brew or grind a cup of coffee. But, the benefits of these products extend far beyond simplicity of use.




The Full Circle line of eco-friendly odorless coffee and espresso machine cleaning products include:




Descaling Power and Liquid to break down lime scale and mineral build up inside the machine


• Cleaning Powder to remove oily residue and mold that lead to bitter tasting coffee and unnecessary machine wear


• Cleaning Tablets to effectively remove build-up inside an automatic espresso machine


Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets to maintain proper function of burrs and the motor inside the grinder




For more information about Full Circle coffee and espresso equipment-cleaning products, please; visit Full Circle Coffee Cleaners on Facebook or or shop nationwide at Williams-Sonoma retail outlets.