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Over the last 3 years three female friends created bobbysue’s nuts! Our journey is more than a story about a family recipe and a delicious product, it is a story about three women starting a business in the middle of a recession, taking a leap in middle age and developing a product that helps animals who can’t help themselves. 

bobbysue’s nuts! is a combination of almonds, pecans and cashews coated by a delicate meringue made from a special blend of spices. We have three flavors, “Original,” “Some Like It Hot,” and “It’s Raining Chocolate.” They are sold in more than 100 stores, and favored by Murray’s Cheese, Blue Hill Stone Barns, Lord & Taylor, in the Green Room of the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Gilt Taste and have even made their way into the pantry at Mario Batali’s Michigan summer home.


Taking a product from “table to market” in a fledgling economy is a challenge we at “bsn” face everyday. Our entrepreneurial story could be of interest to many of your readers. It would give them a glimpse of “real life” in the food product arena, the opportunity to learn about a unique and tasty product and hopefully serve as an inspiration to anyone looking to follow a passion.


In addition to the quality of our food, we are dedicated to helping animals. bobbysue’s nuts! donates $.06 for every ounce of nuts sold to building animal shelters. Two of the partners, Deb Mehne and Barbara Kobren are longtime advocates and members of the SPCA of Westchester. All of us make an effort to share this mission with our customers and the organizations with whom we have partnered over the past three years.


Their website,, further highlights the company mission and brand ethos.


 I am giving away bobby sue’s nuts!!!  One jar each ,Original, It’s Raining Chocolate, and Some Like it Hot.

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  Giveaway end September 10, 2011

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